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New Layout Challenge Forum

We've (finally) split the challenge forum into 2, for layouts and designers. I think ultimately this will be for the best, since I'd like to offer more challenges and I felt like things could get out of hand pretty quick if they were all together.

I'll probably be trying out a bunch of random stuff this month to see how it goes. Feel free to leave your ideas if you have any, and let me know what you enjoy and what you'd like to see!

Love it! Thanks for doing this.

Love it too! Great idea. (Although I did like peeking in and seeing what the designing ladies were working on...)

Yes, great adjustment. I'm looking forward to more challenges, too.

This is a great idea! Growth leads to the need to reorganize things, so I'm happy to see it! smiley

Thanks, this will make it easier to find a challenge to do. I really love the idea of more to choose from. I like to kill 2 birds with one stone, and mix my CT work with a challenge. Plus it is so much more fun to be in a challenge. I really love the design challenge we are in right now.

Is anyone interested in a layout a day challenge, possibly for the month of October? My layout making has really slipped, and I'm probably going to challenge myself, but I'd love to have company if anyone else is interested.

I would love that! October would be great for me.

It would work for me too! At least I hope so...

I'd like to but I'm never home every day for a month. Would it work to do more than one a day to catch up or work ahead? Kind of defeats the purpose, I suppose.

I could try to do a layout a day on weekends, when i get some free time. Having One a day would mean I'd Get a few done here and there. I missed out on the challenges I was working on again smiley

I know I'd never get a layout a day done in October (or probably any other month... LOL) but if I'd do as many as I could.

I think it's a great idea! I still have a bunch of photos that need to be scrapped into a layout, so this will definitely motivate me and speed things up. I'm not sure if I will succeed in making a layout every single day, but I would love to try. So I guess I'm up for the challenge!

I would love to make a layout a day! But between work, sports, dance, will never happen. How about 31 layouts in 31 days (all crammed into the weekends). I'm up for trying that!

I'm in, I'm on my fourth year of 365's!