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Thank you Sharon, I'm so happy that u like ^.^

Here is the page that I made with the photo that Liz sent me.

I choose to use the word strip at the top that says "BEST DAY EVER" to point out that there is a beaver or something in hog heaven swimming right through the flood waters. Also the owner of that car is just going to have to make their own sunshine for the day it seems. Great reminder that when you are having a bad day they are always positive things to try and see.

Amber, I like your technique and style smiley Very nice!

Nice page, Kaleena smiley

These are AWESOME!! I've got to get on it!

Penny, that IS a really cool photo!!

Here is the layout I did with the lovely photo that Mersija sent me.
I went with a Family and Faith sort of theme. The layout is one by Merisa.
You can also find it in the Gallery HERE

*by the way I have it saved in layers so that if you want to go back in and add something like the year or whatever you can do that. I will send you that version so that you can edit it to your liking*

@Kay What a beautiful layout,i love it!!
I love the faith based elements,i love the word art.......awesome job you did,i also love these colors,pink is one of my favorite.
I guess i have to place yours in the gallery also and i did save it in layers so that i can add whatever you may like,just let me know if you want any words or dates and i will do it for you.
Thank you soooo much for the amazing layout.

Kaleena, I love your positive attitude. It's a lovely way to go through life.

Thanks, Harriett. I really try my best. After all it is my choice to be happy.

Oh I am so glad you like the layout Mersija! Yours is only my 3rd layout EVER. I am such a newbie to this. I have done tagging but not layouts. It is weird working with such HUGE papers and elements. I am about to eat dinner so I have to rush off. Back for more fun later tonight when there are no interruptions.

Penny, I'm glad you like it! I initially thought 'gangsta' but I don't really have anything to fit that, but I thought the bold colors worked well with the vintage-y photo.

Here's the link for Marisa's page.

This really was fun. I hope we do it again. I would also like to know what this picture really was about. Pretty funny huh?!

@Tiffany: I love it! Made me smile.

I´m still amused with the layout Nan made with my photo. It´s one of the layouts I like the most, ever, and is for sure on my scraplift list. The blending goes sooooooooooooooo well with the picture, and so do the brushes. I also love the cluster she made... well, I couldn´t do less than my best making a layout with her picture.

I started having serious problems, because everything I tried seemed to hide the beauty of the trees around the building; then, I remembered a paper layout I´ve seen some years ago, where the artist just continued the picture in a white cardstock, using watercolours. It was one of the first layouts I´ve seen that I said "wow, it´s amazing, I´d love to know how to do it someday". Well, this made me think that, if I liked what was happening on the borders of Nan´s picture, I could try continuing it with my Wacom tablet. Here is the result:

Thank you so much Nan for being my partner and giving this amazing opportunity to learn new skills smiley I loved this challenge!

wow-- very cool! Must learn basics first before I get THAT complicated tho. LOL

This one i made for Catherine, i hopes she enjoy it as much as i made it.
You can find it here.

Here is the layout for Amanda. Yikes, this was unnerving! I've never created a layout for anyone but myself.

Great layout Kaleena. Actually, that is our vehicle in the road. The spouse discovered that pond in the wee hours of the morning on the way to work going 45 mph. He couldn't see the water until after he crested the hill....and then he had water flowing over his windshield. When taking pictures of the car later, I was told another car was pulled out about an hour before ours went in. So, this could have been prevented by a simple sign or barrier.....but wasn't. The car sat there for over a week before it was towed out.

I gasped when I opened the file with the layout in it. Stunned. My layers and blending and stuff are all using stuff somebody else has designed...Lorien created these trees herself. That is cool!

Janet, it's wonderful! I took a bunch of pictures of him blowing bubbles. He kept wanting to put the bubble maker to his mouth and would spit instead of blow. I would have done either theme...bubbles or dinosaur. This is one of my favorite shirts of his. smiley

My layout for Harriet. I was inspired by the book. Had i have had more time I'd have ghosted the man with a glow, whats the real story Harriet?

Jess, I love the vintage looking papers and embellishments on the page you did for Harriet. (I want to know the story behind the photo as well!)

My cousin has been posting some old family photos on Facebook this week, and I'm getting the bug to do some vintage layouts. Can you share where you got the papers/embellishments?

Penny, so glad you liked the layout. I used a damask paper, probably from this site, I can't remember. The frames I think are Marisa's and brookes. my search term was "old brown frame" and they came up. The brown frame is by Brooke: (Crisp Fall Air Frame Brown), the flower frame is by Marisa (Prague Cluster 07) and I used a book overlay that I found by Janet (Book Text Paper 01). Harriet said it was her grandparents' engagement photo

Thanks, Jess, I'm off to search! smiley

Gosh you girls are so good at this stuff. I LOVE the vintage look you did Jess.

I am still working on my LO for Moontje. Sorry I'm so slow... I lost my mojo this week!


Thanks Kay smiley

Wow ladies,you all did such a good job with your layouts,everyone is just sooooooo talented around here.