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Photo Swap Challenge Sign Up

Tiffany had a super fun idea, where we swap a photo and then make a layout for it. Part of the fun is not knowing anything about the photo, so you just have to look at it and figure out what sort of words/text/elements to put with it. If you're interested say so below and I'll partner people up so you can swap photos.

You can count me in!

ooo This could be interesting. Sign me up smiley

I´m in smiley

Just an idea to consider - an easy way to "swap" might be if you take the persons photo who commented before you, and then the last person to sign up is who's photo Marisa would get. That way it would be less work for you to do. smiley

I'll do it, too!

Sounds fun...I'll do it.

I'm so in!!

I'm in

sounds cool smiley count me in

I'll play, sounds fun!

count me in

me too!

I'm in!

What a fun idea Tiffany! Count me in as well!!!

(Question: Will it be a one-photo layout challenge or can we swap multiple photos?)

@Sharon: Let's just do one photo this first time.

Count me in please, sounds like fun.

This sounds fun! Count me in!

Ooh, sounds like fun!


I'm in!

I would LOVE to do this!

This is a great idea,sounds like a lot of fun,.I love to be challenged,makes me a better designer.
I'm in for sure!!

Thanks for signing up! Details are here.

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