PS Jan 2014 Blog Train Layout Challenge

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PS Jan 2014 Blog Train Layout Challenge

Are you busy downloading all the great parts to this month's blog train? Downloads are even better when you actually use them! Share your creations here.


  1. Enter as many layouts as you'd like.
  2. Layouts may only be entered to 1 challenge on Pixel Scrapper.
  3. Be sure to tag you layout with "PS Jan 2014 Blog Train Challenge"
  4. Deadline Feb 1, 2013

Great layout Monica! Don't forget to post in the gallery so we can smiley and comment on it smiley

I put a double spread together using this train...I love the colors so much! Whee!

Lovely you guys! I already did one w/this BT, but might have to do another one for the!

OK - here's mine. Had a challenge for an intellectual event in another group and the Jan BT fit so nicely for graduation, I figured I could use it here too. smiley

Here's my first from TBIYTC.


New Beginnings


Wow beautiful lo's!

Herewith my contribution for the challenge:

@Designers Thanks for the great products!

Here's a layout using the kit I designed for the blog train. I'll have to apply to add to the gallery. I haven't posted anything there before.

Very nice Donna! Beautiful pic too. smiley

I may have gone a bit overboard making pages with the blog train, but there were so many inspiring pieces to work with! I know I say it every time, but this one really is the best one yet.
Life is an Adventure

Something Wonderful

Celebrate Every Moment

Here is the layout I created using my portion!
★ ★ ★

★ ★ ★
You can find it here in the Gallery.

Here's mine. A page gift to a friend

You can find it in my Gallery

Here it is:

Seems it´s my 4/20 in 30 days challenge - I thought I´d made more layouts...

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