SLM 2017: Share Your Favorites

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SLM 2017: Share Your Favorites

What a great month it's been! I even managed to finish up a few layouts myself. It's always fun to finish up this great project by sharing a favorite layout you made, and a favorite made by someone else:

I love this vibrant layout by Emily:

And I loved using the July blog train for this layout. So bright and fun!

I love this new layout posted by Cassie King. Her little girls' Cinderella fantasy has come true on this page with its blue, gold and white colors and the clock hand pointing to midnight. Her princess looks like she had fun at the "ball."

Little CindyLittle Cindy
Here's mine:
13/12 (somewhere I lost count and I am amazed I had time to create over my target goal of 12 layouts this month.) Keep these Layout Madness challenges coming!!

I really loved the soft colors of this layout and how the dress was sort of matched to the soft pink. It's gorgeous!

As for mine.. I couldn't choose between these two for totally different reasons!

This one, because I don't usually make layouts that are 'busy' or heavy all in one spot like I feel this one is. (I know some people have some crazy busy layouts and they look wonderful, I've just never managed to be able to pull it off myself!)

and this one, because I wanted to do something with layers and never really found a template that fully covered what I wanted so I made my own with a lot of trial and error! I spent quite a bit of time on it and love how it came out smiley

I'm torn between these 2, I love them both equally, but for very different reasons and styles:


And one of my own favorites:

My own fave this month.

and another I found that is gorgeous

I love this layout from Joanne:

and this is my favorite that I created:

I love this layout by Rachel!

and this one...he's getting more elusive in front of the camera...

My favorit is this beautiful layout from Chitra David, i like the colors and the perfect arrangement smiley

my 2.choice is created by Marlyn Ramirez - it's such a clear layout, so cheerful and with lots of good vibrations

This gorgeous layout by Andrea caught my eye immediately!!

Your layout is SO SWEET, if it had been linked to the gallery, I would have left some love for you there. I love all the "tiny" items announcing the new baby, even th tiny photo is just enough to show the sweetness of a new baby girl.

From Rachel Martin's splendid gallery which is full of eyecandy:

and one from me:

Love this layout by Jessica Dunn, the photo is adorable and is the focus of this layout which is perfect!

I wasn't able to reach my goal this time around and wish I could have participated more but, life gets in the way. Here's a favorite of my own, which thanks to you all has gotten a lot of love:

Ha, ha, I missed the part where I was supposed to share MY favorite layout from SLM...
It has to be this one: