SLM 2017 Winners

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SLM 2017 Winners

What a great month of lots of great layouts! We had over 300 uploaded to the site. Here are the random winners for the month:

By Shannon

By Teddy

By Ann

By Deb

By Marlyn

Wow - what an awesome surprise. Thanks so much!

thank you so much! smiley and congratulations to the other winners! smiley

Beautiful layouts smiley smiley ! Congratulations to the winners!!

Great selections! Congratulations to the winners! Keep it up.

Congratulations to the winners!!

Well deserved wins for some beautiful layouts! Congratulations, ladies!

I was offline for the past week and a half, this was a nice surprise to come back to! smiley Thank you! It's especially cool since the challenge has the same initials as I do! (SLM - my middle name is Lee!)

Awww, thank you!! This is by far the most friendly site to hang out on! smiley

What a lovely surprise!! Thank you so much and congratulations to the other winners.


Congratulations to all the winners smiley