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SLM 2018: Commons

The Commons here at Pixel Scrapper is an amazing place. For this challenge you may use anything that you have downloaded from the commons to create a layout. The requirements are simple - just use at least 3 items that you downloaded from the commons AND let us know what they are and who created them (you may have found something that others didn't even notice). Did you know that The Commons is now open for applications?

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when July does.
  2. You must use at least 3 items from the Commons.
  3. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for more chances to win.
  4. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: commons july 2018, slm 2018
  5. See entered layouts here.
  6. See updated rules here.

    ··Did you know that you can tag Commons Kits when uploading your layout to the Gallery? Well you can! If you use one kit from the commons exclusively for your layout please add it to the example layouts for the appropriate kit by following these steps

I used an awesome kit called Adelaide by Rachel Martin to make this layout!

This is 1/10 for me!

my page for this challenge
i use elements and paper by down prater to make my layout

this is 5/5 for me + 3 (= 8/5 for slm 2018) smiley

This kit is called Owl Autumn by Pauline Thompson

smiley so beautiful

Here's mine! The pieces I used are called Summer Garden, but it's not available as a kit, just as a bunch of beautiful pieces.

beautiful page Christina! smiley

This is my first out of 5 layouts. I used a combination of Pixel Scrapper Commons elements from multiple PS designers.

That's a beautiful layout Kayl! And cute baby too!!

-Gallery Link Reminder-

Please remember to link your layout here in the forum to your gallery. Doing this makes it much easier for others to find your layout and smiley or comment on it. If you don't know how to do this there is a great tutorial here (if you still need help figuring this out after looking at the tutorial please send me a message and I will do my best to help you)

All posts to this point (that didn't have links) have been edited to include links to their places in the Gallery.

Thanks Sonya!

Thank you for the challenge. smiley

Credits: Pixel Scrapper designers, font ~ Cutie Patootie



Ice Cream Social by Karry Dempsey

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