SLM 2018: Share Your Favorites

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SLM 2018: Share Your Favorites

What a great month of challenges and layouts it's been! I hope you've found an extra dose of creativity and productivity from our prompts. Please share below a favorite layout that you created and a favorite that someone else created this month. You can see all the entered layouts here.

Made by me:

By Marlyn:

This is my favorite layout I made...

...and this is my favorite layout made by Kayl

Favorite of mine:

Favorite of Sonia's:

A fave of mine:

And a fave of someone else:

Everyone did amazing! I had so many faves it was hard to choose smiley

So many great layouts this month. Here is my fave by Kayl

my own fave

There were so many that I really loved! So it was hard but I finally chose this one by Tia :

And a favorite by me :

I know I'm a little late on this but .....
So many amazing layouts to choose from, but this one from Emily really grabbed me:

and I think I like this one of mine the best: