SLM 2020 - Chain Reaction

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SLM 2020 - Chain Reaction

Think of a challenge and leave it for the next person. You must also do the challenge that appears before your comment.

The Details

  1. Challenge ends when July does.
  2. Be sure to post your layout in this month's completion thread if you would like to earn download credits. More details here.
  3. You must tag your layouts with these two tags: slm 2020, slm 2020 chain reaction
  4. See entered layouts here.
  5. See updated rules here.

What's the first challenge?

smiley Yes, what's the first challenge ??? smiley

Use stars AND hearts on your layout.

Ok I will use hearts and stars.


The next challenge is to make a monochromatic layout - black and white plus one color.

ok, i take a monochromatic layout - black and white plus one color.

35/35/ + 2

next challenge : make a page but without photo, use only elements and papers from a kit

Ok, I take the challenge


Next person is to make a layout with 3 photos or more.

I'll take the 3 photos challenge.

Next is to use a journaling card in your page.

I'll do the journaling card.

Next is to use primarily 2 colors that are opposites on the color wheel. (Like blue + orange, or whatever combo suits your fancy. smiley )

I will take the primarily use of 2 colors that are opposites on the color wheel.



Next is to use an alpha in your LO.

I'll take the alpha.


Next is to use circles.

I'll use circles. smiley
13/31 -
Credits: Marisa Lerin ~ 1000 Bundle and Layout Template 747,
font ~ KG Who Tells Your Story

Next is to use ribbons and/or strings.

I'll do ribbons/strings.

Next is use black & white photos.

I'll take black & white photos. Here's Bodie Historic State Park (29/25)

Next is to create a layout inspired by a magazine advertisement.

I'll take inspired by a magazine smiley

Love ad challenges - they work really well for 8.5x11 layouts smiley Here's my inspiration: Puma X Ad

Here's my version:

Next is use a map (or portion of one) on your layout

I'll do before & after


Next up: create a layout using hexagons

I'll do hexagons


Use at least one vintage photograph

I'll take vintage photo.


next is scrap with a large title AND at least one paragraph of journalling.

i take scrap with a large title and at least one paragraph of journalling.

35/35 + 6

next is : use 1 big photo and 2 small on your page

I'll do the 1 big, 2 small photos.

Next up: Use stripes!

I used stripes

Next is to use big flowers and a tiny flower patterned paper

I'll take the big flowers and tiny flower patterned paper challenge. Here's A Girl and Her Dog (35/25)

Next up: scrap a double page layout with 3 or more photos (total photos, not 3 photos on each page)

I'll scrap my favourite song.


Next, scrap with a bright, glittery theme.

I can take the bright glittery theme.

Next is to use at least 1 photo mask in your layout.

SLM 5/3

Oooh - me please smiley I'll use a mask

Next is create a layout with at least 10 photos on a single page

I'll take 10 photos page.


Next is to do a white space layout. I want you to put all your photos/elements only in the right top quarter of the page.

I'll do white space!


Next is to use hexagons!

@ Kaleena - Hexagons challenge has already been done. #17

Yes but hexagons are awesome and maybe someone else wants the chance that didn't do them before smiley

Next challenge is to use hexagons still.


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