Summer Layout Madness - July 2018

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Summer Layout Madness - July 2018

It's back! Everyone's favorite time of year is here...layout madness!

This July join the Pixel Scrapper community in making ALL THE LAYOUTS. You're in charge of setting your own goal number of layouts. We'll help out by posting lots of prompts and encouragement throughout the month. So easy! So fun!

  1. Leave your goal number of layouts in the comments below . Don't worry if you're joining late! We're glad to have you.
  2. Please tag any layout you're counting towards your goal with "slm 2018".
  3. Please share your layout in the prompt thread that it completes. (If you didn't use a prompt, we'll have a special place for those layouts too.) (How to Share Layouts in the Forums)
  4. When you post a layout to a thread, please also let us know your goal rate (as in 3/21, if it's your third layout for the challenge and your goal is 21).
  5. Have fun! The first prompts will be posted when July begins, and continue throughout the month. Feel free to repeat prompts if you like them, or to do your own thing and ignore them completely.

I'm going with 10! I fell way short during WLM so hopefully I can redeem myself this time smiley

Yay! Yeah, I need to get some things done here. I'm going for 20 pages!

yippee! it's here! i'm going for 14 again.

I'm setting a lofty goal of 4.

I need to get a book done. I haven't completed 2017 and I'm way behind on 2018.... I need more hours in the day!

I am moving but hope to be done July 1st.....soooooo.....8.

I am out of town, but hope to be back home soon. Lets shoot for 20~ I have a lot to get caught up on.

I'm moving on July 14th... so the first half of the month will be about packing and the second half about unpacking. Don't think I'll have much time to scrap and probably no internet to upload my pages even if I manage to put a few pages together... Still, I'd like to think I'll manage to scrap 5 pages.

I am absent in July and August, but I will try to participate too.
my goal is to do 5 pages (& will hope I get more done!) smiley smiley

I may not have understood everything for this challenge smiley

Would you like me to translate for you ?

yes Sandrine, thank you! smiley smiley

I like this challenge - I'll go for 8!

Always fun! I'll try and get 5 done. smiley

I failed miserably in winter (I got nothing done) so I'm aiming low, with 5 layouts, & will hope I get more done!

I will try for 10.

WLM was a HUGE bust for me this year. Dang pneumonia. So, I'm setting my goal for SLM at 15. smiley

I'm shooting for 10. I missed SLM last year, love WLM!!

Ok, I've been slacking lately so I want to go big!! I'll go for 20!!

I'll set a middle-of-the-road goal and hope to blow it away...15.

It has been a while sense I scrapbooked at all so I am also going big for SLM =25. Wish me

My goal is 10.

My Goal is 5.

ooo I am excited for this! I am going to set my goal at 5.

For me it's the first time, looks great, I will give it a try and go for at least 5

I have an 8x8 40 page book that it is my goal to finish. This is my first try at layout madness.

Edited...I am started. 22/40 thus far (below). Using mainly the Christmas Day Collab solid papers by Sharon-Dewi Stolp. I also used the Christmas Day Sequin ribbon by Melo Vrijhof, holly berries by Elif Sahin, arrows from 30 days of Christmas by Marisia Lerin, Oh the places you'll go heart stamp from Marisa Lerin, Music Staff from Janet Scott's freshly sharpened pencils, Music doodles from Marisa Lerin, Cow Sticker by Marisa Lerin, Christmas Day Pine paper by Sherion-Dewi Stolp, and Googly Eyes by Elif Sahin. Fonts are Wide Latin, Bow, LD Shelly Print, Times New Roman. Shapes are from PSE. The lightning word art, cross, soccer ribbon, and knight are not from pixel scrapper.

Maybe 3.

This is my first, so I'll start with a goal of 5 smiley

Welcome to all the 1st timers at the Layout Madness! smiley Hope you have a fun time scrapping! smiley

I'm going to go all out here!! I want to start - and finish - 3 photobooks. We took our 3 granddaughters on a cruise a couple of months ago and I have been planning to make a photobook for each of them. So the books will be similar but the photos in each will be different.

So my aim is the 3 photobooks of 20 pages each - and I will be "babysitting" the 3 girls for the school holidays so will have lots of help ??????


This is my first time. I am going for 5!

It's been such a LONG time since I've been on here! My layout goal is 25.


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