Summer Layout Madness - July 2018

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I will not have access to my computer for two of the weeks of July so I am going to try for 8.

ALRIGHT! I took a month let's try 12!

I am going to try for 10. I have so much going on, and I'm off for a week.... let's do this! smiley

I'm just going with 5 - but maybe if I get on a roll I can double that smiley

I think I'll try for 10.

I'm going for 10 (and hopefully more!)

I'm happy to join! I'll go for 5.

I've done 4 already since July 1st so I'm thinking 6 more to make a total of 10 for all of July.

We're at the halfway point of Summer Layout Madness! smiley If you're feeling stuck or lacking a bit of creative inspiration, head over here where you can find fun prompts to build layouts around!

I don't think I have ever posted a layout here. Since I am just starting here on July 15th, I will try to get 3 before the end of the month--not impressive but better than 0.

First go at this, so I'm going to shoot for 5.

I'm late to this party.... I set my goal at a wrist-friendly five.

What a great project! I love it! smiley

I always say I'm going to join in and then I don't. But I am going to this time!!! I'm going to say, 10. I have exactly 2 weeks to the day to complete this so..... I work best under pressure! Well, I used to anyways lol.

Welcome latecomers! Can't wait to see what you add to the gallery.

I'm going with lucky number 7. This is my first time participating in the challenges and since I'm a newbie, I'll keep the goal within reasonable reach smiley

Boo!! SLM is prob gonna be a bust for me. smiley We moved in beginning of July and had problems getting our internet installed which provided me with NO motivation to unpack my laptops. I just did on Friday smiley. Maybe I can super scrap a few before the first. I missed Julys blog train too I thought I copied my kit onto a flash drive (which I've now misplaced in the move...there is a key ring on it for a reason Melissa smiley) but I actually cut and pasted it there. I am happy to be back anyhow....i need the therapy.

I have done a fair amount of scrapping but haven't had time to upload my layouts. I am going to try really hard this afternoon to get them posted here. Procrastinate much? Last day of the month....

Well, it was a good idea at the time! I did manage to get 1 layout done but I'm just now uploading it, so I guess technically, it's to late for July lol. But it's my first, so now the first is out of the way, I hope I really can participate more often.

Well I just got my gallery permissions today so even though I missed getting the layouts posted by the end of the month for the challenge, I am going to work on getting them uploaded today. Excited to share my pages with you .


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