Thoughts on Live Scrap Events

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Thoughts on Live Scrap Events

We have our annual Summer Layout Madness coming up in July and I thought it might be fun to have some live events. Things we could try:

1. Live scrap and chat. I could broadcast on YouTube my scrapping and you all could chat alongside.
2. Everyone live scrap and chat. I'm guessing the group won't be too big, so we could try a Hangout where everyone gets to be on video and voice chat.
3. I've heard of a "slow scrap" which would take place here in the forums. I could post steps over a period of time as you make your layout, and we can have general chat in the thread as we go.

Other ideas?

Also, if you're interested in attending a live event, let me know your time zone.

oooo I love all of these ideas! I would participate in both versions of a live scrap and chat.

oh! My timezone is GMT -6 (US Mountain).

They all sound like fun! I've done one "slow scrap" before and it was fun!

All three sound interesting though I think the slow scrap would be the most difficult for me personally. I don't like projects to drag on, I like to sit down and complete a layout from start to finish! Leaving it open ended and unfinished for x-time would be tough.

Maybe we could do a timelapse type thread? Where you start a layout and every x-minutes of time spent building, you save the layout as is until it's complete? I think it could be cool to watch layouts come together through a series of pics but that of course would then have to be done through an image hosting site of some kind rather than this site, at least for the none final layout. I'm sure we could all learn something from seeing how others build their layouts and the process they go through!

I'm in CST, GMT+1.

the live broadcast would be fun but it would be difficult for me to attend as I live in the Philippines. while you're broadcasting i think i would be sleeping. i can easily watch the replay though. smiley

Like Marlyn, the time difference for me is, I think the slow scrap is ok for me though...maybe...

me too, while you speak, I sleep! smiley

Brilliant ideas Marisa.
My time is GMT +2.
In response to the sleep-talk, there might be a time that is reasonable for most of us.
For instance if it is 15 June 6am in the Philippines (+8) then it is 14/15 June midnight in the RSA (+2), and 14 June 4pm for Kaleena at her US Mountain time (-6)
This if my arithmetic is up to standard. smiley

Option 2 sounds cool, would be like all hanging out together and scrapping. smiley I'm in Est standard time.

They all sound great but like others I'm on the other side of the world so wouldn't be able to do the live scraps.

Perhaps we need to have several live scraps at different times, then? Maybe one around GMT evening, one in US evening, one for Asia/Australia evening? I'm not proposing that the live scraps be limited to people from those regions, just that maybe it might allow for people to drop into the one that fits their schedule best, since I know some of us have more time during the day and others at night. That might be a little much for just one person to host, though.

I love this idea, I'm in ET. I guess it depends on the time you'd plan on broadcasting, but if I miss it, I'd like to watch the video.

I'm down for anything. I'm in EDT (-4).

I am DESPERATELY in need of some motivation so any and all of the above smiley

In Australia so GMT + 10