Updated Layout Challenge Rules and Info

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I have read the rules and look forward to being able to have enough points for the gallery so I can participate in January.

yay Karen! i am looking forward to seeing your LOs!
Happy New year!

להשתתף באתגרים זה רק מנויים או גם כאלה שהם שותפים אבל לא מנויים?

@Apple - anyone is welcome to participate in the challenges!

I applied for the gallery sometime back but haven't participated in a challenge yet. I keep meaning to but life gets in the way a good bit. However, I'm determined smiley so I'm going now to check them out!! And I've read the rules. Thanks for a great site to be a part of!!

I'd still like the chance, as I don't mind using some points etc for cu.
Does that make sense?

Many thanks for this useful information.

I'm confused. Are the challenges basically for the members that do not have a subscription?? I'm all kinds of confused. I mean, I get it if that is so, cause, really, what would I do with download credits lol. I'm assuming DC is download credit & CP is community points but what is CU?? Have you installed a filter to filter out the subscription members? I just read that was 5 years ago lol.

@Samantha: No, we're not fancy enough to have a filter yet, so I just give people the credits whether they're subscribers or not. I figure they can save them for a rainy day.

Oh ok, thanks!

I do challenges to stretch my technique, not for the "prizes" ... I have been a subscriber for CU since about a month after I started collecting. One element at a time just couldn't do it for me ... I have collected an amazing amount of CU product in the last 5 years. I don't need to be in the drawing for product credits! poki