Weekly Challenge - Big Photo - Deadline Oct 1

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Weekly Challenge - Big Photo - Deadline Oct 1

I'm posting this early because I'm going to end it early in preparation for our special October layout challenge.

Your challenge this week is to use a big photo. And by "big" I mean it must touch 2 opposite sides (either top/bottom or left/right).

Important Details

Due Date: Oct 1, 2013, 9am (USA Pacific time)

Tag: challenge big sept 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

Not much scrapping to do with such a big photo, but it's one of my favorite travel pictures.

In the gallery here.

My layout can be found here.

my layout for the challenge

I was just about to do a large picture layout for my son's baby book and saw this in the challenges! So I have no excuse for not entering something.

This month I have been taking part in a layout competition (the digital scrapbooking studio - birthday celebrations) and last week I did two big photo layouts with some awesome templates by Janet B Designs of the Digital Scrapbooking Studio. I have only tagged my Mt Gambier layout with the tag for this challenge, but I have shared both the layouts I did in my gallery.

I hope it is ok to enter one of these here for the challenge - I wanted to share anyway and I know this is an open gallery - I recently re-read the rules as I thought I would like to share some of my other work in my gallery at pixelscrapper. I always try and be very respectful of galleries and stores, and of course credit all designers properly.

Marisa - I was looking around - what is the policy here on outside links?
I have been asked to share and link back to the studio from two of my personal galleries (if I am allowed) for the two layouts that i am preparing this week.

Here is the other big photo layout:

Thanks for looking at my creations.
I enjoy pixelscrapper very much for it's community


If I have missed something, and must have pixelscrapper product in a layout to enter a pixelscrapper challenge,
then please just scratch my entry - and I will be happy just to share my layouts with the community.

I just missed the Infographic challenge by a hair (so frustrating), so I thought I would join this one a bit faster... My layout is here in the gallery:

@Debra: great job on the layouts! You don't need to worry, the Pixelscrapper gallery is an open gallery in every way. No need to use Pixelscrapper products and outside linking is not a problem. Linking back here from your personal blog would of course be much appreciated, but isn't necessary smiley


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Thanks Melouise. I do not have a personal blog. I just have the galleries that my fav digi sites provide and the only place I have all my scrapbooking in one place is in photo albums on my personal facebook page that can be seen by my friends and family.I am happy to link anything that I am allowed to back to pixelscrapper.

Loving this challenge. I really like pages with really big pictures! Looking great everyone.

Here's my submission.

love this challenge!!

it's here in the gallery

Here's mine. I'll try again to link it to the layout.

Not sure how to hide the link, but at least the layout is showing. <blush>

This is so my style, but am not at home. The one I have is of a niece and I will need permission. Everyone has wonderful pages. Tiffany you gave me a giggle with yours, so cute.

These are so cute. And may I say--- OMG we have some adorable babies around here!!!!
Don't ever have a cute baby contest at PS we would not be able to choose just one.
So cute!

I didn't want to put a border in as the image wouldn't be left to right, so just added things to the picture, it's sort of semi-cartoon now, which is different.

Well, I have a layout ready to post, but don't have access to the gallery. smiley Hopefully I'll get access before the deadline.

Big Photos are one of my favorite scrap techniques!

I hope its not cheating to modify a LO to qualify for a challenge, hehehe. smiley

For the challenge... Jordan up a tree x


I hope I still made the deadline for this challenge! For this challenged I used my own contribution for this months' blog train. It's the first kit ever I designed myself and to make it even more challenging I designed everything from scratch. I'm really anxious to find out what you all think!


Wonderful layouts this week! And you were all so quick! We had 18 participants, which may be an all time high. Maybe I should always give a quicker deadline! Congrats to this week's random winner Heather!

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