Weekly Challenge - No Photos - Deadline Nov 21

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Weekly Challenge - No Photos - Deadline Nov 21

It's been a little while since we had a no photo challenge, so I thought it's time to give it another try. You can browse no photo layouts in the gallery here.

There's been some interesting discussion here about representing yourself with symbols. If that interests you, this is a good change to give it a try! Otherwise, feel free to pick a different theme.

Here's my LO.


I'm participating too smiley
New Beginnings

My entry:

This is made with my mini kit for this month's designer challenge. Normally I would add a photo of my family in the tv screen, but for the no photo challenge......

In the gallery here.

This challenge was a CHALLENGE! I needed the practice! I need practice for all kinds of layouts lol so here's my layout.
Okies I am not sure if I tagged my entry correctly, so sorry if I haven't. I can't remember what we have to put for the competition tag.

Great layouts, Ladies!

thank you Kaleena! I do have a question ...can we post more than 1 for this challenge? I was working on the make a list challenge and never got it finished. I may or may not be able to finish it in time for this deadline, but if I do, can I enter it as well? ...thankies

I believe you can enter a challenge as many times as you would like with different layouts. You can't however use the same layout over and over for different challenges.

Am I understanding the rules correctly, Marisa?

For the weekly challenges, I generally only allow one entry. For the other challenges (kit challenges, blog train challenges, etc) you can submit as many as you'd like, although you can't repeat layouts in different challenges as Kaleena mentioned.

ohhhh thank you both for the responses. I wasn't too sure. I had started a layout for the list challenge but never got it finished. I thought I could finish it for the no photo challenge instead. But since I already entered one there, I won't enter that as well. It's almost done now but I can feel it in my bones that I won't finish it in time anyway lol

I've been meaning to make an art journal kind of layout. I'm not sure this 'fits the bill' of art journaling since my journaling is more a memory than it is expressing a feeling. Although... the memory still makes me feel weak in the knees smiley Since you probably can't read the journaling (unless you are Dutch): it is a memory about the most impressive opera I have ever attended. Not because of the opera itself (which was actually very impressive!), but because my little girl was kicking around in my belly during the opera - I had only just noticed her little nudges a few days before. During the rest of the pregnancy opera's (and hardcore rave music LOL) have been her favourite music. And it still is! She is now four years old and I can't wait to take her to an Operahouse one day. And neither can she smiley

This is my first time posting to the forums and participating in a challenge so with that said I hope I did every thing correctly smiley The painting used in my scrap was done by Jessica Stuntz. I tried adding more assets to my scrap but nothing looked right i felt it said everything it needed to all on its own.

I was born in Japan and it seems so far away. My dad was in the Air Force stationed in Japan. Both my sister and I were born there.

@Marisa... there wasn't a tag specified for this challenge. Not sure if that was on purpose or not. smiley

Here's mine:

Great layouts this week everyone! I'm not sure what happened when I made this post initially, but I left out the special tag! I've set myself straight this week, but thanks again for sharing your great layouts!

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