Winter Layout Madness 2018: Set Your Goal

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Winter Layout Madness 2018: Set Your Goal

It's back! Everyone's favorite time of year is here...layout madness!

This February join the Pixel Scrapper community in making ALL THE LAYOUTS. You're in charge of setting your own goal number of layouts. We'll help out by posting lots of prompts and encouragement throughout the month. So easy!

  1. Leave your goal number of layouts in the comments below . Don't worry if you're joining late! We're glad to have you.
  2. Please tag any layout you're counting towards your goal with "wlm 2018".
  3. Please share your layout in the prompt thread that it completes. (If you didn't use a prompt, we'll have a special place for those layouts too.) (How to Share Layouts in the Forums)
  4. When you post a layout to a thread, please also let us know your goal rate (as in 3/21, if it's your third layout for the challenge and your goal is 21).
  5. Have fun! The first prompts will be posted when February begins, and continue throughout the month. Feel free to repeat prompts if you like them, or to do your own thing and ignore them completely.

my goal is 5...i am busy with other

I just started a new job so I'll go with 5 as well smiley

Hmm, I'll say 5 as well.

this is fun! i'm going with 14 again. smiley

I'll try for ten.

this is fun! i'm going for 14

Hmm, I'm going to say an ambitious 15.

I'll go with 5 too!

20, I want to print a photobook for 2017.

9 - since that is the number of animals we have for adoption. smiley

I am participating in LOAD, so plan to do 28 in February.

10. I want to do more but if I actually hit 10, I'll be thrilled.

OH BOY!!! I'm going to say 10, last year i got a ton more done, but this year is a bit crazy.... so not sure. smiley Super excited, this was a ton of fun last year!!!

I hope to have my computer fixed by February... if so, I'd love to do at least 10...

10 to try to get the photo recipe album complete for my daughter's wedding in June

Eeek! I love these challenges!
I'm going 28!!

First time doing this challenge so I'll go with 8 for the month. Exicted!

This sounds super fun! Great timing as I've completely been ignoring my scrapping projects. I'm going for 8 as well.

Well I'd like to aim for 5...have no idea if it will happen.

These events always help me get something productive done. I don't know if I've done a anything for 2017 because I played 2016 catch up and then took a break because I was over scrapping after the rush...Sooo 2018 shall be the year of 2017!!!

I"m going to shoot for a lofty goal of 8!

I'm going to be gone for part of the month so I'm going to set my sights on 8 and hope for a lot more.

I hope to complete 10 pages...

My goal is to do 22, which is the number of pocket pages I need to finish for 2017.

I am going to say a week. Hopefully I will do a lot more. My mojo as been sick since early January. Finally getting into the mood again.

My goal is 9 pages. I have nine pocket pages to finish to wrap up my 2017 Faves project, and I'd love to get them done during February. I also need a title page and a cover, but those will be bonus layouts if I manage to complete them as well during WLM, I'm trying to be realistic here!

My goal is 6

Gonna go for 10...

I'll set at least 10 as my goal.

I've never really participated in anything here on Pixel Scrapper but I need to! This looks really fun and maybe will help me get more involved. smiley

I'm going to set a goal of 8. 2 per week. Good luck to everyone!

I am new here. But this looks like fun I will set my goal at 15. I have a lot of pages to do.
I guess that I am not going to be able to do this right now because I don't have enough Community points to put my layouts in the gallery. Thanks anyway.