Winter Layout Madness 2018: Set Your Goal

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Let's see I will shoot for 14!

I'm behind on everything, so I'm going to say 4.

Welcome Joyce! It is quite fun around here! Enjoy meeting everyone and making your layouts!

smiley Welcome, Joyce! Looking to forward to playing here... I set the goal at 10.

Tried to do MOC at TLP but life got in the way - daughter, husband and 3 granddaughters came for their annual beach holiday at our place then, after they left, we moved house! So now that we are actually all moved into our new place (though still loads of boxes to unpack including my scrapping stuff), things are a little more settled. So I will try to do this challenge but am going to make is the Summer Layout Madness as it is the middle of summer here in Australia and especially here on the Gold Coast.

I will try for a couple a week so at least 8 but hope to get more done smiley smiley

originally said 8, but 5 is more realistic!


joining for the first time, believe it or not smiley

and since i'm quite unpredictable, i'll go for 10

(secretly hoping to tick off all the prompts, but we'll see...)

Pretty sure there are more than 10 prompts Paddy smiley

oh, i know... just saying it would be ubercool to do them all smiley has anyone ever done that i wonder?!

but since i'm already behind, 10 seems like a reasonable number.

what i'm hoping to get out of this madness festival is to get faster at building layouts and adopt some fresh ideas to shake things up a bit!

I'm late to the party, so I'm going to set a very modest goal of 5 layouts (especially since the computer is also the tv when it comes to watching the olympics smiley ).

My goal is 10 single pages.

I'm jumping in late because I missed this post, but I did 3 today, so let's go with a high number because I am having a good month and basketball season is over....l am going to shoot for 20. Let's go...this sounds like so much fun.

I am going with 6!