Winter Layout Madness - Feb 2019

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I'm trying to catch up on my 1-year-old's first-year book, which I have not yet started. I'm going to try to get the first 2 pages done.

(First time entering a challenge here! It's actually my first time posting, too. Long-time lurker, though.)

I think I signed up last year … and ended up doing none at all smiley
So, I'm going to try again this year, and keep my expectations low by aiming for 4 during the month smiley

Welcome out of the shadows, Shaindel!
Good luck, Helen!

I'll keep my expectations low and try to make 3.

this is always fun. i'll do 14 again

I just got the new Photoshop...I need to get it all loaded first...I'm going with 5...and if I do more, I'll break out the wine smiley

My goal is 5 smiley

I'll try for 5 smiley