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Updated: I initially wrote this for a layout madness, but I think it's a good think to keep in mind the rest of the time too.

There are so many wonderful layouts being added all the time, it's easy to be overwhelmed by them all. Despite this, I think it's important for the community if we can take a minute to leave a thoughtful comment on a layout. Here's my suggestion:

  1. When you post a layout to the gallery, take a minute to enjoy and comment on the layout added most recently before you.
  2. When you receive a comment on your layout, scroll through the gallery and leave a comment for someone else.

Tips for leaving a comment:

  1. What really strikes you about this layout?
  2. What idea from this layout inspires you?


You know what, you're so right! There has been times I've posted a layout and no one commented or showed interest so I wondered if anyone liked it. After seeing this, it made me realize I'm so busy when I get on that I forget to comment on other peoples too so I'm sure other people have felt the way I have. Everyone works hard on their layouts and deserve some positive feed back smiley

I think i comment alot but i find a lot of great layouts on here! I think it's important to show support and just give out some love.

You're so right! It makes a lot of difference if you get a like from someone. Maybe it shouldn't matter whether someone else likes it too, but we're all human, after all smiley

I have to work on this. I always try to make it a point write something, especially since I get so much love here for my layouts. The problem I have is that I'm always busy and when I start looking at layouts I fall down the rabbit hole and start looking for too long, lol. The idea of leaving a comment for the person above you in a thread is a great idea! I think I have said this before but, I always get more love on layouts I don't think will be that popular and less on layouts I think will get a lot. Interesting how that works.

This is such a great idea. It's working because I've had some lovely comments left on my layouts so from now on I'm going to return the favour smiley

Comments done! I always try to comment on layouts of the 5 most recent scrappers who have posted in the gallery when I upload a layout . . . habit I got into years ago and it's served me well smiley

This is such a great reminder! Thank you!

Everyone likes to be acknowledged, especially artists, and we are all artists in our own rights. Great idea!

I just want to say that this site has really inspired me to get my photos scrapped. I am making true headway, and the summer layout madness has really got my midnight oil burning. With paper-crafting my layouts, I would have to attend an all-day or even a weekend crop to get as much done as I have already finished here. By allowing me to create a page or a layout at different times throughout the day and week, I am compiling those pages to put together into a bound album sooner rather than later.
BTW, I am not knocking weekend crops--I love the camaraderie and fun and inspiration (not to say the "getting away" from family for some ME time. LOL

Thought I'd bring up the fact that we should also try to welcome the newbies. I think things are slow right now on some of the forums due to summer, but I noticed several that hadn't gotten a welcome from anyone but Marisa yet....and I know that's not the heart of our community.

thanks for this post-Marisa. i m a newbie here and was wondering if anyone wud like my pages. i normally comment a lot on other peoples layouts bcos i get so much inspiration as a starter smiley

I do really well with the first one - leaving a comment on the layout just before mine (usually I do the 2 just before mine), but had forgotten the part about scrolling and commenting on a layout when we receive a comment. I love that and will do better!

sounds good I will try and visit more

I love getting comments on my layouts and when one doesn't get any, I kinda feel like it's lonely and unappreciated, so I try to comment on other's that seem lonely as well as those that blow me away!

This is such a great idea

I often leave a comment on many pages, so it's ok for me! smiley smiley