April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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My striped paper..........


Here are my stripes:

You can probably tell from these papers and from my blog train papers that I am so completely in love with my Christine Smith Spray Mist brushes. They're the ones I always find myself reaching for these days!

Here's my stripe of the day.

Looks good everyone! Just posted today's theme: Hearts!

Here's my version of polka dots. I'll provide a paper pack of any that I get done through out the month at the very end.

And here are my stripes. Yep...I'm a fan of vivid color. smiley

Hey Marisa, maybe we could just keep this one thread going for the week. People can keep editing their original posts to add additional papers. That way, the paper kits are somewhat together so that people can get a good idea of what the finished product will look like. Just a thought...

Here is my part for today:

awesome again smiley

Here are my hearts, they are gold glitter, have a great day all!

@Janet: That's a good idea, but the problem with editing posts is that then I can never tell what's new and what's not. When the new papers go at the end then I know I haven't seen them before. I'll give it some thought, and I guess this way we can just embrace the suspense of waiting until the end to see everything together...

Here are my hearts:

I'm ready for today. I couldn't resist to create two papers

I finnally got some time to upload everything.
Here is my pallete: ( I sort of changed one I saw at your pinterest to fit my theme better)

My dotted paper:

My lines paper:

And finnally, my hearts paper:

I'm thinking of releasing a boyish kit at the end of the month. thank you, this is so much fun! smiley
I hope it is all right!

I don´t know if I´ll have time to make my smiley paper today, or if I´ll have to do it tomorrow. Fortunatelly, I have a design for hire to do smiley

Violet- you are right. I did think that. I absolutely love the papers you made too though! And WOW- you have great taste! smiley

One of your palettes, Marisa, just HAPPENED to be in my kits to create folder....so this kinda forces me to start on it! Playing catch up!

These are just 600 x 600 samples - patterns made by me:

April 1 - dots

April 2 - stripes

April 3 - hearts

These are gorgeous Jill!

Surprise... Molly is already behind... I will catch up I will catch up! Day 1 preview:

Thanks Saskia!

hearts hearts hearts!


Here's my hearts. I'm having so much fun! I haven't played with PS so much in years!

I love the color pallet. That's really pretty.

Playing catch-up... Here is my colorpalette, my theme is "Marie-Antoinette" (hence the totally over-the-top papers) smiley




Here is my heart paper:

Today I made two...

Adding my Day 3 smiley

Here is my Day 3 Heart paper:


So many awesome papers! WOW!

Hearts Designer Challenge:


One more. I may try to provide the PSD files for this one so you can slip photos, or whatever, between the doilies.

My hearts:


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