April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 1

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Love those colors Janet! Beautiful collection!

Flowers -


Oh this is just stunning!!!!

Here's my flowers. A little old fashioned but I had to add the hummers since they are back and knocking on the door. smiley

This is really pretty!

Everyone's papers are turning out really pretty. You all are doing a wonderful job on them.

Here is my leaves paper:

I confess I used a cu pattern for my leaves...dots are mine smiley

April 4 - Flowers

April 5 - Leaves

day 4 - flowers

I will still be one day behind you all for today. When we have an easier one I will catch up. I made my floral paper in two different colors:

To make this paper I used this photo as a basis, but I extracted/modified a bit. The papers past my fist QC, but hasn´t past the second one, so they will need to be modified, which I hope to do soon, as I´ll maybe using this also for the other kit I´m doing.

It ended up that I´m making two kits about love. This one I´m making to scrap my civil wedding, and I used roses because they were on my improvised bouquet. The other one I think only Janet Hull and Connie will know for now, as they are in the same class as me (well, maybe some others here in the class, but I´m not sure about it. If so, sorry for not mentioning you, and also let me know :p)

My leafs.... allthough I don't really like them myself smiley

I like them Saskia! Oh, and thanks so much Chickie. smiley

@Saskia I like your leafs paper.

Here are my leaves:

Leaves -


My leaves.

I just knew there would be a flowered paper ;D. Here are my papers for yesterday and today:



Thank you, Janet, for the kind words. I love your papers too. Bright colors attract me and I like to use them, but have trouble making them without looking garish. So thanks for doing it for me!

Wow!!!! so much papers already and they are all so wonderful!!!!!

here's my part for today - leaves

I hear ya there Harriet. That's what I love about this site. When we do blog trains it fills in the gaps that we aren't able to do ourselves. I'd love to make papers with muted tones, but they just don't turn out the way I'd like them to. I'm just thrilled with how many people are participating. Man, we're all going to have huge paper stashes!

@Melouise, I adore your rose paper. I tried to do something like that for my flower paper and failed miserably!

Here is my leaf paper:


@Lorien & Héliton - how fun that you're both on here! That was such a sweet compliment, thank you.

@Janet - you inspired me - because today's paper was so simple, I decided to do a set in every color of the palette.

@Melo - you have serious paper distressing skills. I want to take a distressing workshop with you!

Here are my leaves for the day. It took me forever to find the leaf image I wanted, just something very simple. I ended up sort of cobbling it together. Times like this I wish I were comfortable with the whole drawing by hand/scanning/cleaning up in photoshop method. Perhaps there would also be a way to make such an image solely in PS, but that is beyond my skill level.

and the whole set:

Oh Wow!! these papers are amazing! very nice ladies, just beautiful!! well on to Day 5 smiley

@Violet, such a lovely set of papers! I love your color choice.

Here's my leaf paper. I'm debating whether it's a bit too much. It's definitely a lot of color. I kept it vivid, figuring that people can always mess with the opacity/saturation of the paper to suit their needs. For some reason, I had a tough time coming up with a leaf paper. smiley

This is where I found the brushes. Great site!!

Posted the theme for today: Geometric!

Sometimes I impress myself with ideas, and I have to confess that I'm loving this challenge! I love focusing on one paper, which gives me the chance to take it a bit further than I might usually. And I love seeing what everyone makes!

And don't worry about joining late, or quitting early! We'll take you whenever you're available.

@Janet: Your leaf paper is just perfect for me. But I like bright, rainbowish colors. Yesterday my hubby and I were seing the entries togerher and we just said how you managed to use only colors and tones I love in this paper pack.

@Violet: I learnt how to draw in photoshop with something that Heather Neal said on chit chat someday: It´s all about using the pen tool. Unfortuantelly, I don´t have a tutorial to show you, because the ones that helped me are all in Portuguese.

Here are my leaves and geometric:

Here is my paper for today:

Here's mine for today


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