April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 2

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Trying to catch up, almost there... one more to go, but I'm done for today. Here are my:




Caught up! Now it is really time to go to bed, before I turn as homicidal as my paper... :S


I decided to go for another pack. This challenge was quite fun. I can see myself doing more paint packs. There are so many options for opacities, blending modes, etc.!

Here is my painted paper:


That one was extra fun to make!

Week 1 preview will have all weeks papers for download at the end of the month

Days 8,9

I know I am running late with this but I am still new to the community

My paint.

Whew! This one was both incredibly fun (I loved getting out my digital "paintbox" and playing!) and had a really steep learning curve. I learned all kinds of good lessons about brush resolution.

My painteds:

Looking really great everyone! I can't wait to see the finished products all together. Just posted today's theme: multiple patterns.

My Multiple Pattern Paper.

Here's my multiple patterns:

Ack! I am soo far behind now! I will try to come up with at least a few of them. smiley

Ok lots of catching up to do:




Day 10_Multiple Patterns

Wow Holly, yours is gorgeous! *slightly jealous*

my Multiple Patterns

I was still in a painterly mood when I made this.


You are too kind, Melouise.

I love fleur-de-lis and stripes so I think your combination of patterns is very pretty, too.

Here is my multiple patterns for today.... stripes, pin dots and a floral outline.


Looking great everyone! I've just posted today's theme and tomorrow's.

My multiple patterns - floral and circles. This is soooooo much fun! :-)

Multiple patterns. So fun!

10 april: Multiple patterns: Circles and dots smiley

I'm sooo behind, but it is such a great challenge, so I will do everything possible to catch up. Here are my missing papers für the first week.

11 april: Border...

Here's my border paper:

Wow, that looks really great.

I finished three more papers


I am so behind I can`t believe! (RL gets in the way... smiley )
Here is my geometric paper:

My stars paper:

My alpha paper:

Painted Paper:

Multiple Patterns paper:

Border paper:

Scatter/ Irregular paper:

Tulips and Hearts Border

Multi-patterned Papers


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