April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 3

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There is a display team called The Red Arrows!

I got caught up on last week with my forest palette:

Monday, April 8: Alphabet or Numbers

Tuesday, April 9: Painted

Wednesday April 10: Multiple Patterns

Thursday April 11: Border

Friday April 12: Scatter/Irregular Pattern

Saturday April 13: Start with a Photo (from one of my own photos)

Sunday April 14: Damask

Another one with my forest palette.

Monday, April 15: Plaid

Tuesday, April 16: Grunge

Thursday April 18: Doodles

Here is my words paper:

Doodle paper:

And embossed:

Friday April 19: Embossed

Yay! Since I had the day off I actually got ahead of the game with this palette.

Saturday April 20: Arrows

Day 20_ Arrows

Wednesday April 17: Words

Sunday April 21: Glitter

Here is my arrow paper for the 20th:


My glittery paper.

My doodles: Got my brushes at HG Designs. Lots of freebies there.

My embossed. Yep, I cheated a little and used one of Marisa's overlays.

It's looking great everyone! Here are my arrows for today:

Here is mine for tomorrow (out all day):

Glitter is not my thing. So I glittered the cupcakes, but it is not overwhelming visable smiley

Here is my paper with glitter for April 21. I just made a paper with glitter accents:


Whew, what a busy week this has been. I've had these done for a while (with the exception of the doodle paper...still not sure I really like it...but it's my first attempt at something like that completely from scratch) but didn't have time to post. So here they are...






Glitter: Sorry, it's turkey season here and I can't get camouflage off my mind. smiley

OK, so I'm way behind! I decided to just start this weeks papers and go from there! It was a lot of fun, I decided on a color palette to make a Fathers Day kit that I wanna do. I like how challenging this is, it really has me thinking outside the box. I was wondering how in the world to incorporate glitter on a Father's Day paper, but I think I like how it came out. I hope I can find the time to see this out to the end,lol:)




Embossed: (I made two of these and couldn't choose, so I kept both)



Here's the preview of what I have so far all together:

@Elizabeth, I love the camo glitter pattern. smiley

@Sheila, wow you do gorgeous work! smiley

Here's my glitter paper:

Day 21_Glitter


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