April Paper a Day Challenge: Week 4

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Paisley: Since I'm going with a masculine theme, I decided to make the paisleys simple and small.

Notebook/Ledger: I didn't have a piece of ledger paper anywhere to scan, so I just made one from scratch. It was actually fun, not as tedious as one would expect, lol:)


Extra Large:

Extra Small:

@Anett: I love your paisleys paper!

My extra large.

Extra small:

Still trying to catch up...and I think I lost my mojo somewhere :S These are last weeks:

Thursday April 18: Doodles

Friday April 19: Embossed

Saturday April 20: Arrows (I skipped this one, no inspiration tonight)
Sunday April 21: Glitter

Monday, April 22: Paisley (Left that one for another evening)
Tuesday, April 23: Notebook/Ledger

Here is my extra large design for the 25th:


And here is my extra small paper. I used the exact same pattern that I made for the extra large paper. The extra large was at 100% and the extra small was at 4%.


You girls are doing some amazing work! I am very impressed with all these papers. smiley
Speaking of which, I have a question for you all regarding the "ephemera" papers....
Did you apply a shadow to every item when you made your paper?
Just curious in case I want to try that some day...

Last week became truly challenging for me. I wanted to use some word art that I made myself for the word paper, so it took me quite awhile. But I'm happy with how it turned out. For the embossed paper I wanted it took look like that paper where the embossing is soft slightly fuzzy, velvet like, or suede like. Do you know the kind I mean? I don't think I have enough finesse, knowledge, or tools to really pull it off but here is my attempt. I used Marisa's Paris glitters for the glitter paper that I cheated on by using my polka dot paper again. I enjoyed making the ledger paper, fun and not too hard to do:

Fine Art Inspiration: Based loosely on one of my favorite impressionist artists, Monet, and his "Waterlilies". Started with a photo of lilies on my pond and used the art history brush in PS to get it to this point.

@lorien: thank you so much. It takes me almost one day drawing and coloring. The brush-set will be included in my paperpack at the end of th month.

my extra small:

My fine Art by artist Debbie DeWitt

Elizabeth LOVE your paper. I am also a lover of Monet (he is my fave too) and I did a take on his many Waterlilies paintings. I started with a photo of lily pads to make my fine art inspiration.


Here are my special theme papers for the 28th and 29th... I am hoping that "you choose" meant that we decide on what we want to make. I put them into a preview since I wanted one of each color. Gingham for the 28th and Chevron for the 29th.


There is a fantastic tutorial at Digital Scrappers on how to make gingham paper in PS or PSE. It is so easy! Just sign up for the free plus membership and look in the tutorials.

Okay, I couldn't produce any papers while traveling for the last 3 weeks but I did a lot of mental designing as I kept up with the challenge list via iPad. So now that I'm back at my computer, I have started creating what I dreamed up. Here's week 2. First the palate.
Letters or numbers.
Multiple patterns
Border (also doodles and notebook paper for later weeks)
Start with a photo. I pixelated the palate.
And lastly, Damask
Whew! Now on to week 3.

Things have been chaotic over here, so I have lots to catch up on!

For embossed I thought my Words paper might lend itself well to an embossed look so I tried it out there as well:

For arrows I kept it simple. I might do an "every color" pack with these like I did with the leaves papers:

I'd been wanting to use Emily's wonderful polka dot template, and found the perfect opportunity with my glitter paper:

Here's week 3, with a change of palate.
Words, or what passes for them today
Glitter (really not something I do well)
Doodles I posted earlier as a combo with borders in week one.

Whew! I am nearly caught up. I'm not feeling very inspired for Extra Small right now, so I'll leave off for the day. It feels good to go from being super behind to nearly up to date.



Ephemera was fun because a great piece of art from my favorite band, the one I seem to be basing my theme around, arrived in my email inbox this morning:

My Extra Large paper was inspired by Marisa's Ephemera paper. I thought it looked great and wanted to see if I could capture the look.

Chickie, I love your take on the lily pads! It's so soft and peaceful looking. smiley

I just got done looking at all the weeks' papers. Beautiful work, everyone!

Gorgeous papers!!

I've had a busy week, but here are my last papers for this month:










Looking good everyone!

Here's my extra small:

And my fine art inspiration:

Marisa, you have such a talent for design. All of your papers appeal to me. In fact, all the papers posted this month appeal to me. I may need a new HD to store them all once we can get access to them. I greatly admire and am slightly envious of and have been inspired by the artistic talent displayed by all the participants. Thank you everyone for sharing, especially Marisa and Jordan for creating such a welcoming community.

Sunday April 28: Special Theme (you choose): I choose to do a book page. What goes better with a good cup of coffee than a great book?

Fine Art Inspired: I had to really think hard on this one. I am not good AT ALL with ephemera and art inspired papers, but I love that it challenged me to go outside of my comfort zone and really try my best. I picked Da Vinci because he if my husband's inspiration and these papers are for a Fathers Day theme for him. I hope he likes it:)lol

Chosen paper 1:

Chosen paper 2:

Solid: OK, I embossed this solid paper, so its really an embossed solid paper, but I just couldn't resist the awesome woodgrain pattern by Marisa:)Thanks Marisa!

Week four palate.
Paisley was really difficult for me. I ended up doing two and not really satisfied with either. This one looks like a piece of stationery paper.
so I took another tack at it.
And my notebook paper, a PNG file to let the holes be holes

Here is my Extra Large:

My Extra Small:

And Fine Art inspired:

@ Harriett, I really like your paisleys! Both of them:)


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