April Paper a Day Theme Ideas

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April Paper a Day Theme Ideas

I'm thinking about doing something a little different in the month of April for the designer challenge. I think we should do a "Paper a Day" challenge, where everyday I'll post a theme/color/etc for you to use to develop a paper from scratch. I know everyday is a big commitment, so I won't lock the threads immediately, to allow people to have some time for catch up. Here's what I'd like to know from you:

1. Is this a good idea?
2. Would you prefer to choose your own color palette, so at the end of the month you have a paper pack, or would you like me to choose a color palette so that everyday everyone works towards a paper pack together? I'm leaning towards letting people choose their own colors, since I'd like to focus on setting a theme for the paper (polka dots, stripes, plaid, etc) and having XX number of polka dot papers in the same colors seems a little like overkill...

3. Any ideas for paper themes?

  1. Polka Dots
  2. Stripes
  3. Plaid
  4. Damask
  5. Floral
  6. Leaves
  7. Geometric
  8. Stars
  9. Real Textures, use a photograph
  10. Grunge
  11. Painted
  12. Multiple Patterns
  13. Words
  14. Borders
  15. Doodles
  16. Embossed
  17. Hearts
  18. Paisleys
  19. Glitter
  20. Arrows
  21. Alphabet or Numbers
  22. Scatter, Irregular Pattern
  23. Solids

Interesting! As I'm new to this whole designing thing, I think I would just follow along with whatever is decided. Another paper idea I had was grungy.

Love the idea!!!
I prefer own colors too

Although I haven't had time the last little while to participate in the designer challenge, I will have more time after the 1st of the month, so I'm of the same mind as Carrie - tell me what to do and I'll give it a go. smiley I know, not much help huh...

It seems to me that if you're working toward a paper packet at the end of the month that setting a color palate and allowing freedom of design would make a more usefully coordinated kit. But then, I start my layouts by choosing colors. Perhaps others choose shapes or patterns first. So I guess either would work as well as the other. How's that for being decisive?

Sounds like fun! I love making papers, and choosing my colors, but I think it would also be great to have a color palette so, I guess I'm with Harriett on this.

1. Excellent idea . . . it makes me rub my hands together with glee and anticipation!

2. I like the idea of picking my own colors, but will happily go along with the majority on the final decision.

3. Possible ideas: Using a word/phrases as a paper design. . . a paper that looks like more than one layered on top of each other . . . a paper with fun edges . . . a paper with creases/wrinkles . . . a paper made with decorative brushes . . . a quilted or patchwork-look paper . . . a paper decorated with scrolls/flourishes . . . a paper with a doodled design of some kind . . . a paper with an embossed design . . . a paper with cut-outs . . . a houndstooth paper . . . a paper with a border or borders . . . a paper with hearts on it . . . a paisley paper . . . a paper with a watercolor-look design . . . a tie-dye look paper . . . a paper that incorporates drips . . . a paper that has triangles . . . a paper with lace-work . . . paper with glitter . . .

I'm looking forward to making paper . . . lots and lots of paper! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I also enjoy this idea, it´s really fun smiley

Another ideas:

-Solid (this is easy :p but very necessary)
-using words

Good idea! I think I prefer to choose my own color scheme and if everyone chooses there own color scheme, then we can pick up a "paper pack" from each other as well. I'm new towards design also, but I would say I like starting with colors. It helps with direction so that I don't end up with a mismatching hodge podge of things.

My concern is that we will end up with papers and no elements to go with. Can we have an element type of challenge after this one to coordinate with it?

And would it be possible to have it be like 5 papers due at the end of the week, all at once? And give us 2 or 3 of themes for every week? Because I will most likely contribute on some level, but I can guarantee you that I can't do it everyday.

I will have a college class to contend with for the month of April, but as long as we have a few extra days for each assignment, I think that I can keep up. I like the idea of the designers using their own color scheme, as a way to also encourage us to create a palette and design with it. As for paper ideas, I would also like to see textures such as canvas or other fabric, metal, barn door, paper that has been stitched with threads, paper with holes or torn paper, paper that is layered, a flowerbox window, a field of flowers, beach theme, park theme, city theme, birthday theme, baby theme, etc...........

I agree...love the idea of choosing our own colors. That way we can end up with several different packs by the end of the challenge. I also agree with Meridy. Is there any way to have several different papers due at the same time...list the themes and have them as a weekly challenge. Some nights I have time to scrap, and others are just too busy. I'd love to be able to practice and contribute a full pack of papers like the rest of the participants.

How fun! I hope I can participate! I have had no time to do anything, so my creativity is lacking. I personally would love the color scheme picked for me, but I can see why people wouldn't like that. The fewer things I have to pick for myself right now, the better.

Maybe this will help some of you who are thinking about color swatches for the paper challenge.

Here is a nifty tutorial on making color swatches from photos. "A fun way to make your own colour swatch" by Just Jaimee.

She also offers a bunch of free color swatches made using that technique. Click the preview image to go to the download page.

And another big batch of swatches from her can be snagged here.

1. I love this idea. If I knew how to design, I'd be in.
2. I'd like to see each designer pick a color palette and stick to it for the month. I'd love to see how the designers can take polka dots and make it everything from baby, to bold, to sweet, to summery depending on their color scheme.

~~Hexagons (although there are a few of these coming up in April's blog train)
~~Bugs (stay with me. I used to have a paper I loved that had little lady bugs, and random (cute) green bugs. It made great boy background or accent paper)
~~Alphabet or Numbers (not words, just random letters and numbers)
~~Technology (computers, phones, video consoles, discs)
~~Small print

Holly, thanks for sharing these links! I am just getting into designing myself and am enjoying learning.

You're very welcome, Carrie. I hope they prove to be helpful. I am just getting started designing, too and I am having a blast participating in the challenges and learning all kinds of new things.

You could do an April Fools paper, Or an April word art paper.
Easter Eggs and Bunnies
Lambs and Chicks


Geographical locations
Gender/Age specific
Scatter pattern - irregular
Combine 2 or more themes
Based on a photograph
Based on a fabric sample
Based on a piece of art
Hobbies - gardening, sewing, bmx, skate boarding, sports, photography, exercise, book club, etc
Iconic books/movies/people
Retro - 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's

I would hope to pick my own color palette although I will still participate if the palette is chosen for us. For those who want a palette chosen, I volunteer to choose one for you if I get to choose my own! smiley

Well, I am suposing each one will chose your own palette, so, as there are 6 minutes missing to April in my timezone, I guess I´ve chosen this one (but take in mind I´m not really sure about it :p)

As a designer I love patterned papers.....but IMO...there needs to be solids included as well....which could be tone on tone solids...just adding my 2 cents...LOL

You could go a bit more abstract where we design a paper with a very big or very small design. Hopefully that makes sense.

I like that idea, Janet, especially the overlarge, ala Georgia O'Keefe. Also like super magnified natural items.

Thanks Harriet. smiley

I also love the idea of a wood tone/wood grain set of papers. I recently tried my hand at them and kind of got something that I like...but I'm sure there are members who could absolutely knock that theme out of the park.

Here's another idea.....for those that are using this challenge to create a kit.....if you have a theme you are working on a themed paper

I'm thinking it might be better for me, and perhaps others, if we could get a list for the week. Then when your able to work on them you could churn out a couple papers, and come back later to do a few more. Designer picked colors might be best.

How about something in the Steampunk field. wheel, gears, lace. old stuff.

I'd love some paper themes that aren't about a specific pattern but are more about technique, like wood, painted, watercolor, blended, embossed, etc. I don't use patterned papers much. I do want to stretch and grow in terms of learning techniques and so on.

Ooh, love Violet's idea! I'd love to learn to make watercolor papers and things like that. Along with that...maybe papers with different sorts of textures...cardstock, fabric, distressed, etc.? I love patterned papers, but definitely like a variety of non-patterned papers to balance them in a layout.

Here are a few ideas - Steampunk; Vintage; Art Nouveau; Texture from Photograph; Just off to do my painted one - with a touch of anxiety I might add as I have not used this method before!

papers designed according to a specific school of art - Impressionism, pointalism, art nouveau, pop art, cubism, graffiti, those are just off the top of my head. You can probably come up with a dozen more.

In the same vein - papers designed in the style of a particular artist - Monet, Gaugin, Warhol, Kahlo, Picasso - another endless list.

And then there are the mediums- oil, water color, chalk, color pencils, crayon, ink pen

Technique - stamping, stenciling, paint roller, wood burning, etching, silk screen, wood block, finger painting, spray can, etc

And what I'll call for want of a better term, iconic folk art of the world - Australian dreamtime symbolism, African tribal art, Native American, Scandinavian Rosmaling, Pennsylvania Dutch tole , Chinese scenery

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