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Because we are all usually consumed with creating layouts of our children, etc. we often neglect to scrap about ourselves. Since I'm a huge fan of genealogy and vintage photos as well as scrapping them, why not have a series of layout challenges for us to create (or in my case, finish) a book of our own lives? What a great way to let your descendants know about who you are/were, huh?

I've never hosted a challenge before but I'd be happy to give this one a go.

Great idea Rose!

How about a challenge that makes us utilize a "style" on each element in the LO. It could be something as simple as a drop shadow, or something like a specific pattern, or color overlay...whatever. I have recently come across some styles I've downloaded and am trying to apply to my layouts. It's made me look at my designs in a different way and really gives some depth to them. (At least I think so!) smiley

rose...I love love love your idea. I would actually like to see a blog train with a family tree theme. I'm very much into geneology and have a huge family tree created on Would love to scrap an album of it! HINT HINT BLOG TRAIN smiley

I LOVE the Ombre & Steampunk ideas
actually most seem really good but I love working with gradients & steampunk lol

Nadia I think kit based on movies for example: Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, Coraline. Alice has some great features and colors to design would be extrememley tricky as these are registered trademarks & anything closely resembling their products is ©opyright Infringement. But if the designers were able to recreate them without infringements I am ALL for this idea!

Michelle, if you would like a Steampunk Kit, I created a HUGE one for our March Designers challange. I have received a lot of compliments on it so it must be OK...haha. Check it out. Here is the link to the thread that contains the previews and download links. Mine is the very first bundle listed. (and the best part is its a freebie *wink*)

Ooooooooooooh Karry thank you so much!!!

This is truly a top quality kit!!

Thank you for offering it up as a freebie!

I love any kind of a scraplift challenge- I know they are a bit common.

Newbie question: What is a scraplift?

Andrea, a scraplift is when you take a page created by someone else and use it as inspiration to create a page of your own. You can use the style, the color, or anything else about it to inspire your own page. It's a good strategy when your "muse" is in hiding, lol!

Oh! smiley Thank you so much Patricia. I'll be sure to do that since I have limited experience making pages up. smiley

Another take on a scraplift is paper to pixels. Makes it a little different.

What about if the challenge is not a layout but a Kit Preview? I mean someone makes a kit with papers and elements and we have to create a Kit Preview... just thinking out the box! smiley

I am not sure what you mean

Another take on a scraplift is paper to pixels.
Can you explain this idea a little more, Beatrice?

Oh it's just where you find a paper layout to scraplift as a digi page. You can look in a scrapping gallery (non-digi), find a layout and scraplift it, with credit of course. Does that make sense? Maybe there are not many paper scrapping galleries left. I'm not certain if I can mention one here or not but I do know of at least one.

dur... haha If I would have thought about it a little longer I would have figured it out! That is a pretty good idea.

Hello! Next June, 14th to celebrate the Father's Day, we could make a layout or/and a kit challenge, it would be very nice!! Thanks!

That is a great idea, Mary.

a scavenger hunt where we have to go find and use particular pieces & colors for the challenge

a scavenger hunt

I love scavenger hunts, great idea!

@Debra: We've done a couple scavenger hunts, and they're my favorite. We'll be having one again soon!

While I am always absolutely drawn to the cool designs on so many of the patterned papers, I find it hard to use them practically. How about a challenge that makes us use at least 3 patterned papers in the LO?

@ Marisa ...I look forward to a scavanger hunt

@Julie ..yes I agree it is not easy to use patterns together and get a good result , so that would be a great learning curve

How about a double page layout? You could combine it with themes or other challenges.

Seasons, separately or all on one layout?

I have some ideas:
toys, vacations, summer, holiday, independece day smiley

Take what some poem (Dedicated to the child, the mother, the soldier - any) and give all interested one word of the poem. Each participant illustrates this word, phrase. But in the end when all the work will be ready - to lay out pages with lines from a poem by one by one in the course of the verse. I hope I wrote clear, my English is translated from Russian)))).

I like Beatrice's idea of paper to pixel layout!

Also into family trees, etc. so I like Rose's idea for that and Karry's second! ** This would be good for a blog train one month!

Timelines, Pets, What's for Dinner?

ooo timelines is a great one! I will add that to my ever growing list smiley (pets and what's for dinner are already there)