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How about a “recipe” challenge? Where each person participating would create a 4"x6" recipe card of one of their favorite Fall Recipes, using the lovely submissions from the Autumn Art blog train, and make them available to download to our members. How lovely would that be?

I love this idea!

I am new on here. Do you every do progressive scraps? They are my BEST ever!

What is a progressive scrap? Is it like a progressive dinner?

A progressive scrap is where you are sent a number of elements each day and you have to place them on your page and then the next day you are sent more and you add them to your page but you can't remove the previous day. One I do on another site lasts for 7 days. You start by being give papers, then frames and then elements. Sometimes there are rules, like: use at least two of the elements and one has to be used three times. It is pretty cool.

I have an idea for a challenge. I'm sure everyone has those photos that they look at and just say I LOVE THIS PICTURE but it's fuzzy, or out of focus, or too bright or there's one person in there with a totally dorky look on their face but you still love the picture. You just wish it would have come out better so you could use it. I have bunches of these. I think it would be a great challenge to figure out a way to utilize the pictures and scrap them. I know I have lots that I keep but I would like to see the different ways of scrapping them. There has to be a way. A true "challenge".

Great ideas!

I haven't read over all the previous suggestions, so I may be duplicating, but here's a few I've enjoyed over the years:

Journalling challenges specifying a type of journalling to use such as list, Q&A, quote, poem, song, first person, "once upon a time" etc.
Bible Verse/Quote challenge
Art Challenge - using a particular piece of artwork to inspire a layout
Ad Challenge - same except with ads
Scraplift Challenge - either scraplift a specific layout or find a layout you particularly like to scraplift
Font Challenge - use a specific font or type of font (grungy, typewriter, stamped, graffiti, calligraphy etc.)
Quickpage challenge - actually USE one of the wonderful QPs we've collected (this would work well as a flash challenge)
Multikit challenge - make a page using at least 5 different designers
Multiphoto challenge - use at least 5, 10, 12 etc photos on your page
Mask challenge
Then & Now challenge - two photos of the same person/place/thing taken months or years apart

Love the challenges here - I appreciate that they give us something to run with without being overly prescriptive. Thanks!!

"use it all" challenge? ...just putting it out there...
of course, this one requires giving out a small freebie - but then again you guys give a lot of your designs as freebies here smiley maybe 1 item by each PS designer?
then we have to make a page using all that stuff any way we can, in combination with whatever other supplies we wish. kind of like a "recipe" challenge but with very concrete items.
this concept forces you to think about each scrap supply in a new way & encourages you to alter them, crop them, blend them... something i love!

Some great ideas here! smiley

I would really like to see a Project Life style or pocket page layout.

Or maybe a Car theme, like scrapping your first car, or favorite car, or something like that. I am a huge car fanatic.

I did one once that you WERE NOT allowed to cluster anything on your page. I think looking for a trend that everyone is doing, and then creating a challenge in which you are NOT allowed to use that.

i liked!!! smiley

I really enjoyed the declare a shape/color challenges. So, along those lines I was thinking Declare a pattern/theme, etc. I really loved being challenged by one concrete thing that has to be done.

-an LO using your own penmanship (I've done this a couple of times using a good ol' scanner, by doodling on a smartphone and saving it as jpeg then extracting it.)
- using QR codes (I know they're dying and hard to use...=P)
-big photo
-tweaked shadows/realistic shadows
-some form of stenciling (done on titles using brushes/sprays)
- cut-outs
- using a calendar (PL?)
-"everyday" hair
-using pocket cards on traditional LOs
-using a shiny element

Wonderful ideas, Ladies! I have added more to my ever growing list.

Use a kit you have used in the past on a layout BUT you cannot use any of the same elements as used last time! All new elements from the same kit only!

This is a great one and I hope it's okay to borrow for my July challenge!

I think family traditions/ little quirks would be fun.

Have you guys ever done an art journal challenge? Might be fun, I love doing an art journal style layout.

I would love to see

JC challenge
pl challenge
a recurring document your month/week challenge

-what about a kit challenge like using the blog train kit, or pick a few embellishments that could be downloaded in one day and they must all be in the layout.
-redoing an old layout you didn't love.
-random room scrap. pick a room in your house and take a photo about what you love in it.
-set a certain number of photos on the page.
-architecture challenge, like take a photo of a building or sculpture and then show how it isnpred a layout. The photo dosent have to be in the layout but should inspire it. like arched in a window etc.
-a letter to yourself in 1 year/ 5 years.
-monochromatic, make a layout using only different shades of one color.

What about doing a template challenge where they have to alter the template. or use a set number of things. or use at least 3 ribbons, or buttons, or do a set number of paper layers.

A fun challenge would be to choose a line from a bingo or tic-tac-toe grid;
another would be to create a layout using papers/elements that start with the person's initials, or all the letters in her first name;
one more would be to have a "secret" ingredient list. Crafters would create their pages and earn "points" for each secret item on the list, once the challenge was ended and the list revealed.

not sure if this is has enough broad appeal, Using a semi-transparent or faded photo (just trying to think outside the box) smiley

example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8, example 9, example 10

only use half of the page - left, right, top, bottom (PS: trying to help with ideas because you had to come up with so many last month. but please don't feel like you need to use them. it's only if they help and appeal to you. smiley )

example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8

scrap 1 or more photos without people in them

example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4, example 5, example 6, example 7, example 8

maybe combine 2 or more templates from PS site - either you choose the templates or let the participants choose and/or

make a layout using two or more kits of the participant's choice - had a hard time finding examples for this one smiley

example 1, example 2, example 3, example 4

maybe use unusual art terms (or just one) with the definition provided inspiration for layouts

example words

Great ideas, Elizabeth! I actually look at this thread A LOT for ideas, inspiration and the like for challenges.