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Kaleena, I've got a designer challenge scheduled for late June/early July for people to make stacked papers/stacker could be cool to do a coordinating layout challenge later in July using the results from that challenge, or using a minikit from one of the other designer challenges. I'd love to see a little more cross-collaboration between the challenge forums; it seems sometimes like people focus almost exclusively on one or the other. I'll be trying to do some designer challenges to help fulfill some patron design requests, as well.

Holly: That is a great idea.
Paddy mentioned something way back, like a 'use it all' challenge where all participants use the same supplies to make a layout. I would also love to see product challenges. So many great bundles here. Or just element packs. I was thinking actually of this one.

I was thinking of a challenge that could help set a theme/purpose for a layout. Sometimes I cant think what direction to give my layout, and sometimes photos do not help kick start that. So I was thinking of a challenge similar to "Declare a Color" only you would use a word or short phrase for the next person to create a layout around.

For example: The person creating the thread would give the word "forest" and the next person would create a layout inspired in some way by forest and also provide the next word/phrase like "organize", ect.
Hope this makes sense.

Has this type of challenge ever been done before?

I think this challenge was so great. I couldn't take part but I think it is such a great idea! smiley

I think a clustering challenge would be nice. One where the layout using the cluster is optional. You could give us cluster templates or give a certain number of items, etc...

A Calendar 2019 challenge? smiley