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Kaleena, I've got a designer challenge scheduled for late June/early July for people to make stacked papers/stacker could be cool to do a coordinating layout challenge later in July using the results from that challenge, or using a minikit from one of the other designer challenges. I'd love to see a little more cross-collaboration between the challenge forums; it seems sometimes like people focus almost exclusively on one or the other. I'll be trying to do some designer challenges to help fulfill some patron design requests, as well.

Holly: That is a great idea.
Paddy mentioned something way back, like a 'use it all' challenge where all participants use the same supplies to make a layout. I would also love to see product challenges. So many great bundles here. Or just element packs. I was thinking actually of this one.

I was thinking of a challenge that could help set a theme/purpose for a layout. Sometimes I cant think what direction to give my layout, and sometimes photos do not help kick start that. So I was thinking of a challenge similar to "Declare a Color" only you would use a word or short phrase for the next person to create a layout around.

For example: The person creating the thread would give the word "forest" and the next person would create a layout inspired in some way by forest and also provide the next word/phrase like "organize", ect.
Hope this makes sense.

Has this type of challenge ever been done before?

I think this challenge was so great. I couldn't take part but I think it is such a great idea! smiley

I think a clustering challenge would be nice. One where the layout using the cluster is optional. You could give us cluster templates or give a certain number of items, etc...

A Calendar 2019 challenge? smiley

oh yes, pages with calendar 2019 , mounths per mounths! smiley

Okay ideas below
* fall themed
* halloween themed
* top 10 (using top 10 freebies)
* a few of my favorite things using 10 max favorites from PS
* surprise me
* Orange n black
* colors ) you pick two letters of alphabet and we can only use things with those letters
* winner take all (those who participate will be added to a drawing and everyone creates their page and the name drawn wins all designs to use as is for personal use and we all who played sends our template to the winner)
okay theres a few xoxo

The Good Life monthly kits challenge.

For 2019 Monthly Pocket Spreads.... with the great pocket templates that we already have and that are coming up.

I have some ideas:

Black and white LO with only black and white, or black OR white for an extra challenge
Before and After -- LO that includes some sort of before and after reference, like pre- and post-haircut photos, or a baby photo of mom recreated with her own child
Unbirthday -- a spread commemorating a 'just because' celebration, whether or not it is Alice in Wonderland themed.