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Looks like everyone is off to a great start!

Here is my paper preview so far:


Chickie , I love your colour palette! The name suits the theme.

so here's my papers for week 1! smiley

AND because I couldn't stop going I made a 2nd set of patterned papers !

AND solids in each color!

can't wait to release the full kit because I'm having a ton of fun creating and brainstorming!! smiley

I've never designed before, but I need something to shake me out of my creative mental block. I've decided to go with a color scheme straight from our wedding photos, so my theme is "Log Cabin Wedding".

Day 3_Plaid

I am sharing the template for this plaid paper at my blog.

Thanks Cynthia. I just love lavender and greens together.... one of my favorite color combinations!

Day 5_Grunge

Awesome work, Everyone! smiley

Holly: Thank you so much for the link. I knew there had to be a tutorial or help for it somewhere, I just couldn't seem to locate it. Of course if I had been using the right tags, it might have helped me. I had a sneaking suspicion that I needed to use an online photo album. I'm hoping that Photo Bucket will work since I already have an account with them. Also, I'm loving your Floral Border Paper Pair with the matching stripey paper. Very creative.

Sharilynn: Great colour choices and name for your kit. Very warm.

Andene: Gorgeous colour palette and I am loving your entries so far, especially your grunge piece. Cool texture on the stripes too.

Maureen: Glad to see another newbie here. We can learn and/or be confused together! Did you see the link that Holly left me letting us know where to find out how to upload pics to the forum? You said that you have some of your pics a few places on line. Does that include anyplace like Photo Bucket or Flickr or another place where you can upload images and grab their url? We'll figure this out together.

Susan: I like the regular plaids. Cool polka dots too. I am a bit confused though. You seem to be making a lot of the same paper type just in different colours. Did I miss something? My understanding is that we make a total of seven different papers following the themes outlined by Marisa. Are you just making extras for yourself or are we supposed to have seven of each? Can you or someone else clarify this for me. If we need more than one of each kind, I'm in trouble already.

To all: I've got four completed. I'm working on my fifth and then I'll show swatches of them all at the same time.

Now I feel a little silly asking this but what is the correct term for what Susan and Judy (and of course Marisa) have done in creating the page that shows a sampling of what is in the papers portion of the kit? I'm sure there is a name for it. I also hope I have asked the question clearly enough.

Okay ladies, it is time to get back to work. I'll check in again tomorrow.

Have a good one!

Edit: Ah man! I just edited this and then clicked on view comment, bec. I thought maybe it was a preview. Obviously not bec. I'm starting my edit all over again. Okay, didn't notice there was a page two so need to add some stuff. Let's see how much I can remember.

Chickie: Really sweet colour choices and papers. My favourites are your chevron and floral creations. Also, that is a really awesome name for your kit.

Sharilynn: I really like what you have come up with. The colours are so deep and rich. My favourites are your grunge and polka dots and I also love how you combine colours I'd never think would work together but do. Cool pumpkin paper in the second set.

Angie: Hi! Looks like there are three of us newbies in this now. I really like the broad range of colours you have chosen.

Holly: Funky plaid and grunge creations. Really neat colours too!

To All: Sorry about the edit. Really need to watch out for things like more pages in the future. Also, sorry if I talk too much. That is just part of who I am. smiley Fingers crossed the edit will work this time. Or rather I'll get it right this time.

Oh, I love everyones designs. There are so many unique color palettes!

I choose this palette:

And here is my paper for week 1:

Chickie - I love your papers!!

Sharilynn - I'm glad I'm not the only one going overboard. All your papers are so cute!!

Angie - I'm loving the texture and the colors.

Holly - Thank you for the template! That's a great plaid you made.

Lisa - Most of my photos are linked from photobucket. As far as I know, you only have to make one of each. I'm just having so much fun with it, I end up doing more. I also, have my psp open pretty much all day. So every spare minute, I'm playing. It's a paper preview and I used Marissa's template from here

Rani - I love your palette!! Where did you find it?

Susan, the palette is from Brandigirlblog. There are so many fantastic palettes..

03_Plaid -->Thanks Holly Wood for this awesome template! Hope you like what I did out of it smiley.

04_Grunge --> Used some textures from HG Designs



07_FunShape --> Used textures from Brooke and Holly Wood, thanks for that!

Wow! still the first week and all ready so many gorgeous papers. It's exciting to see what different patterns and palates everyone comes up with.

Rani: Your colour palette and papers are just gorgeous. Thanks for the link.
Susan: Thanks for the clarification regarding the 'quantity'. I tried looking for a template but because I didn't have the proper name to search for it, I just played around and came up with something on my own. Hope it is okay. And at least now I know what the heck to call it.
Holly: Woo Hoo! I just found your blog (thanks to the link from ISA) and all your wonderful freebies. Now I just need the time to check it out.
Isa: Your papers turned out beautiful. Love the softness and the colours.

Okay, I'm off to finish my final paper, upload to Photo Bucket and then upload here. Fingers crossed it will all work. smiley

Here are my papers for week 1...

I may have to edit, as this is the first time I'm uploading from PB. I've also included a copy of my dragonfly paper as it looks different than the strip. I've made this one a bit smaller.

I used paper templates from Marisa Lerin for the floral and plaid papers. I also used her cool dragonfly image template to make the fun shapes paper. I used a grunge template from Brooke Gazarek Since, I'm completely new at making papers on my own, I think I made progress using templates for just a little over half. Those are huge steps for me given I really don't know what I'm doing.

Hope everything uploads okay.

Well, got started a few days late, but I think I've covered the bases here. Great incentive to do the kit with this challenge, thank you!

Rani, Thanks for the link. So many colors to play with!!

Isa, Your papers look wonderful!

Lisa, I love the dragonfly paper! I have to say, it sure looks like you know what you're doing. Don't sell yourself short. Your preview is fine.

Donna, I love your palette and the name of your kit. Made me think of a photos I have just waiting to be scrapped.

Alright, I finally settled on a geometric. I used a template from here though.

And the fun shape smiley

I still don't have any idea of a theme for this kit.. Yes, man/boy but more specifically I haven't a clue. Any suggestions?

Susan, love the top grunge paper, very nice, and love the color, too. The bottom paper looks less organic, I think.

Love the colors and your theme. Great papers you've done, too!

Plaid, polka, geo and fun.

Holly - Love the plaid.

Lisa - Thank you. I also love your palette and papers. And, I too tend to talk or rather type toooooo much!!

Dona - Love your palette and papers also.

Btw- My 'fun' paper..suppose to look like disco balls. I'm going to keep working on that one!

Susan: Love the geometric shape you ended up settling on and cool splotches for the second one.

Andene: Cool papers. I really like the way you combined a cool background with the polka dot diamonds. Very clever. Really interesting plaid too.

Thank you both for your compliments.

Whew! A little late but finished. Here's week one using this palate from Thanks to, , Shapes4free, the Scrappin Cop, and webtreats for brushes and shapes I used.
Download 8x11 papers here at Dropbox
Download 12x12 papers here also at Dropbox

Ladies, your work is incredible! Great job!

@Sharilynn - I got excited when I saw this on my fb feed, too. Can't wait to see it!

@Harriett - I love the fabric texture on your papers. Thanks for sharing with us!

Thank you Holly Wood for this awesome template!
Harriett, I love the texture your using and you geometric patches are just adorable.
There is so much talent on this site.
I am a little late getting started but will have something shortly.

I am so.....late this time, but hear are some papers for week 1...