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Hi Kay. I am really new at creating my own designs as well. I mostly use the awesome templates from Marisa and Brooke to create the majority of papers and other elements that I offer as freebies on my blog. For me it is generally a matter of time since it takes so long to create from scratch and it is just so much easier to use a template. But, Marisa said to challenge myself doing something I normally wouldn't do and so I am trying to rely on the templates less. However, I have no idea how to even start creating textures on my own so that will have to wait for a bit.

I also am not sure that I am the best person to offer advice when creating from scratch. Since I am so new, I do everything the really long way because I am unfamiliar with most of the features of Photoshop Essentials. Additionally, I only have version 5 so there are many things I can't do. I can only offer you a glimpse of what I did to create my stripes. I am sure the ladies with much more experience might provide better assistance. However, I'm here right now checking in and saw your question so I'll offer what I can.

In PE5, I started a new page and made sure that I had my rulers and grid visible. In the Artwork and Effects area, I chose, shapes and then shapes. Then I chose a rectangle. I added the shape to my page and then using the sizing handles, I changed the size of the shape to conform to the size of stripe I wanted. I decided to create six different stripes for each of the colours in my palette. Basically, I just kept duplicating my layer until I had six. Then I lined them all up using my arrow keys.

In my first attempt, I tried to create my own template by making each stripe a different colour grey. Once I had them all in a scale going from darkest to lightest, I highlighted the six stripes and duplicated that group the number of times I needed to fill my page. My hope was that I could merge each of the groups of the same colours, i.e. all the black together and each colour group thereafter, but sometimes it would work and sometimes it wouldn't. The other thing I made sure was that when I filled each colour in to get my original six colours, I made sure they were on overlay so that I could see the textured shape beneath. So once my page was full and I zoomed in to measure and make sure everything was the same size, I saved that as my base copy or template.

Then I saved this file under a different name, pulled it and my palette up and then filled in each stripe one at a time, using the fill feature with overlay after using the colour picker to choose the colours from my palette. And in what I am sure was a rather convoluted way of doing things, my striped paper was born.

I hope this helps and doesn't confuse you further.

Okay, here is my paper for Words. This one definitely challenged my creativity. I hope that you guys find it interesting. I figured since my kit was based on some cool colours in nature, that I'd make my words all about the beauty of nature.

I had to rely on a couple templates for this one. I used a canvas template from Brook Gazarek for my background, available HERE. I also used a frame from Marisa, available HERE.

Now, I am off to work on my next one.

I really need to go to bed but before I do, here is my next paper--geometric. I'm afraid I've had to go with two templates for this one since I still have four more to create over the next couple days.

For consistency, I used the same texture template that I used in my stripes (Brooke Gazarek's located HERE). For the geometric shaped one, I used one from Marisa located HERE.

Here's my day 11 paper. I'm only a little behind thankfully.

So I ended up jinxing myself. The second I praised the grandkids for behaving, they started running amok. Isn't that how it always works??

Rani, your papers look wonderful and I'm in love with the colors.
Sara, You did a great job with your word art paper!
Cintia, I love that you started on your elements already!! Is that homemade or scanned lace?
Harriett, Great puzzle paper. Is that a template?
Andene, Great job on the damask! It's so pretty!
Judy, All the papers look great. You're putting together an amazing fun kit!
Andene, I like the blinds effect on the top paper better.
Lisa, Your papers are fantastic! The striped one reminds me of a sweater smiley
Kay, My last striped paper was a template. It came in different layers for the stripes. So all I had to do was color each layer.

12_multiple - with help from SugarPlumPaperie

13_grunge...with help from Marisa and HG Design

Lisa - I like your papers, it's like you're thinking outside of the box
Susan - Your day 11 paper is so sweet. I like this look.
Cintia - Your designs so far are beautiful. I like your colors.

Here are my last papers for this week:

floral 1 (I used a vector pattern from

multiple patterns (I was really challenged by this and I don't like the result, maybe I change it..)


floral 2 (I was inspired by Marisas Leaves paper)

Kay - I usually make my stripes with the square custom shape tool of different sizes and fills. It's the easiest for me.

Lisa - Here is a tutorial for fabric which shows hot to do this in PS, but it's the same in PSE. I do mine slightly different but with the same effect. If I want a pattern to look like fabric, I make the 'fabric' page and lay on top of my pattern and change the blending mode to the one that looks best. For the swirl look, I just used the 'twirl' under Filter-Distort. WARNING!! THIS CAN BE ADDICTING!! smiley
and another

Susan - Thanks for the complement!

Here is my paper preview for weeks 1 and 2. Week one is on top, week 2 below. I also made pin dots, gingham and solids of each color, which I did not put into the preview (only the green pin dot is shown).


#Kay, Marisa has some excellent tutorials right here! They are meant for Photoshop, but can be adapted to PSE most of the time. I also use PSE and have no problem. Don't forget about all the pre-installed patterns available in PSE to use for your texture and be sure to play with the blending modes.

Such exciting designs. I really like them all.
@Susan. The puzzle is not a template. I scanned a coloring page and went from there, using the selection tools and "edit -fill selection"

Wow, all kinds of information just for me. Thank you so very much. I will read this tomorrow. I'm afraid my tummy isn't feeling well tonite and I need to get some rest-- but I plan to come back tomorrow during the day and look this all over very well and check out those nice links.
Thanks bunches to all of you. I actually made a grunge paper with a template today. Perhaps when I feel better I will learn how to upload it.
You girls are all so supportive to each other.

Keep up the awesome work. I will be back when I am rested and feeling better.

Thank you Lisa for writing this all out.
Yes-- it is helpful. I can always adapt any idea to fit my program and skill level. I will read through this tomorrow.
Huge help.

Thanks Chickie. I finally opened up my PSE and made my first item. I did a grunge paper.
It was so different from PSP but I accomplished something.
Yay me.

Wow, lots of new activity and I'm so far behind in creating and commenting. I've got three more to create and upload and not much time left to do it in so I hope that if I am a little into Thursday for uploading it is okay. Besides it will still probably be Wednesday somewhere in the world at that time. smiley

I'll also have to come back and comment on all the amazing creations I've seen and feedback a little later too. For now I am just going to upload one at a time until I absolutely have to get downstairs and make some din din for the hubs. He is usually so neglected but is ever so patient!

Okay I'm going to have to rely on templates of one nature or another for the remaining items for this week or I'm NEVER going to get it done.

Here is my ornamental version. I've gone with a damask.

I've used a really pretty pattern from Trine over at Nothing But Freebies. For my textured underlay I used another awesome template from Marisa available HERE.

On to the next one...

Here is my floral, or in my case leaves--I hope that still counts.

I've used a really nice leaf image from Karen's Scrap and Graphics. For my textured underlay I used another great template from Marisa available HERE.

The last two will have to wait until much later tonight. Must get off the computer!


Here are the last two.

First up is my multiple patterns paper...

I've used a dove image from Karen's Scrap and Graphics. For my textured underlay I used a bevelled paper from Trine over at Nothing But Freebies.

...and finally my grunge paper...

I used another of Marissa's textures for the background. You can find it HERE.

I'm also afraid that I'm going to have to pop in with my comments regarding everyone's work sometime later today. It is going on 6:00 am and I need to get to bed. Have a good day everyone! Can't wait to see what we will be doing in week 3. I can't believe it is week 3 already!

This isn't too bad, I'm putting up Monday's paper on Thursday..
I hope to get fully caught up tomorrow.

And the last one for this week...I am just a tiny bit behind but weekend is coming soon smiley.

So here is the last floral one. I used a flower template from GS Creations, a texture from DigiTee and some grunge texture from Insight Designs.

There is so much inspiring stuff here...and I like it when you say where you got your used ressources from. There is always something to learn smiley.

Susan: Really enjoy your new papers Susan, the second for lack of a better word. Thanks for the compliments. As far as the striped one goes, I guess it does look a little like a sweater.
Isa: Liking all the options you've put forth, especially your star paper.
Rani: Cool offerings! That leaves paper and your grunge are really neat. Glad you like my work. That is a serious compliment given this is my first attempt at putting a structured kit together.
Andene: Thanks for the links to the tutorials. I'm hoping to have some time this coming week to check them out, along with the links everyone has put up for their credits. It is always great finding new resources. Your silhouette paper is one of the neatest papers I've ever seen. Just so creative. The rose paper turned out really neat as well.
Kay: Glad I could be of assistance. Hope you are feeling better.

Can't wait to see what is in store for us this week!