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Pick a color scheme and I'll give you a daily prompt to create something. By the end of the month you'll have a finished kit! Feel free to do which ever prompts you'd like, completing a mini kit is great too!

In this thread you may post:

  1. Questions and comments on completing each asset.
  2. Finished assets and/or templates. You may of course post small thumbnail images if you are saving the finished product for something.
  3. I'll post a new thread each week so that things don't get too out of hand.
  4. Don't worry if you're behind or starting in the middle, feel free to share whatever you make.

August 2013 Designer Challenge Prompts

Thurs, Aug 22 - ribbons
Fri, Aug 23 - flairs/buttons/brads
Sat, Aug 24 - frames
Sun, Aug 25 - word art
Mon, Aug 26 - tags
Tues, Aug 27 - flowers
Wed, Aug 28 - scan and extract

I've put together a preview of what I have so far. I still have no idea of a theme to tie it all together. Without some sort of theme, I've hit a roadblock making elements...

Suggestions, please!!

Looks good Susan! The colors seem like fall to me. Leaves, apples, possibly even school supplies could be nice.

Frame and flowers

here is my week 4

This week was a tough one! I've never extracted from a scan, so I scanned one of my crocheted flowers.

Beautiful work ladies!

Here is the preview of my kit Summer Breeze. Links are under the preview. Hope you like it!


Papers 1
Papers 2
Elements 1
Elements 2
Dots & Gingham Papers
Plaid Bonus Papers

What a beautiful kit Chickie! Thanks so very much for sharing it with all of us! smiley smiley

Here is a layout I made with my kit.

Sweet layout. Thank you for sharing your beautiful kit. I love the colors.

Awesome work, ladies! smiley

Here is the last part of my work. Still plan to do and alphabet tomorrow. I will post everything I have done then.

A special thank you to SugarButt Designs for her Bow Tutorial.

Whew!...... Just finished the Alphas. Here are the links to files for everything.



Alphabet 1

Alpha Yellow

Alpha Red

Alpha Orange

Alpha Lav

Alpha Green

Alpha Blu

Alpha Bla

Love your final Kit Chickie. Colors are scrumptous!

I think everyone is learning new things ( I know I am) and the work is gorgeous. Can you believe this is my third kit!

Oh man...I am soo behind :D...but still trying to finish the kit to offer it on my blog within this week.

Here are some of the elements I managed to make meanwhile...still a lot of stuff to come but I am on my way.

Lovely work ladies! Very nice to see the stuff from you all!

Wow Cynthia your School kit is awesome. I know I will be using it once the blogtrain is up. Love your stuff.
(as I recall I used your beach stuff in my very first layout)

Chickie-- Love your Summer Breeze and the adorable layout you have there. What a cutie patootie!

Susan-- yours is coming together nicely. I LOVE the colors. Since I have grandsons and I see those colors
working well to scrap pix of them I would like to suggest that you consider any BOY related theme.
perhaps some of these ideas will help:
outdoor fun, playing, fall frolic, or playground antics
(they are all ideas I have floating in my head that I have pictures all ready to go and need scraps to go with the pics)

Andene-- cannot wait to see all the pieces put together. Looks like you have been very creative and have had a lot of
fun truly creating your kit from scratch. Love what I am seeing... just wish I had some pics in your theme. LOL

Such talented ladies here!

Finally: here is my kit. You can download it on my blog.

Chickie: I love the mason jar! you made such a beautiful kit!

Cynthia: these bows are amazing and I also like your tags!

Isa: this balloon is so cool!

Thanks to all for your wonderful comments! Rani, that mason jar took me hours to make, and then the fireflies a couple more hours. It was a real challenge working in PSE to figure it all out! I am so happy you like it!

Here's my whole kit. The preview only has a smidgen of what's in the kit.

Download Kit

Thanks, Judy. This mega kit looks like it will be fun.

Finally done with my kit and posted the links on the last picture I posted. Thank you Rani for the comment. I like the little sketched flowers you have in your kit so far and love your colors.

Judy, I like the subject matter of your kit; the little people , shoes, legos, etc. looks like fun.

Thank you Kay for your comment.