Designer Challenge - Element Making - Deadline March 7

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I just finished putting my add-on up on my blog. Here's a preview:

The link to download is in my blog post here: New challenge freebie

Everyone is doing such awesome work! Thanks for the shares!

He creado tres tarjetas, estoy con mi primer Project Life y me encanta!!
I created three cards, I am with my first Project Life and I love it!


I wish I had more time to play - enjoy everything everyone has created..

Here is the download link.
This is my first challenge. I reread the instructions and realized that I was only supposed to create one element. Ha.

I could use some input about usability. I created them at 300 dpi, large, flat, and without shadows; because I didn't know how they might be used, and that seemed to be have the most flexible. The Photoshop / Photoshop Elements layered file can easily be shadowed, but the grass PNG files will look funny when shadowed because of the layering of the blades. I thought leaving the blades as separate PNG files was silly, so I didn't. Should I have shadowed them, prior to making the PNG?

It was also my first time to zip a file. I wanted people to only have to download a single file. I was given lots of compression choices. I chose "store" thinking the least compression was better. Was that the right choice?

I used PhotoImpact to create these since it lets me draw vector files, that can then be saved as PSD and PNG files. But the PSD files had to then be edited, because it didn't hold my layer names, which seem important since the tiny layers were difficult to see on the layer pallet in Photoshop Elements. They are easy to see in PhotoImpact because it doesn't show the whole transparent area.

I don't know, would people rather have finished elements that they can just plop into their scrapbook, or have images that are easily manipulated?

I also noticed that when some people do PNG and PSD files that can be use to clip paper to, they often have the items in gray scale. But since you can recolor and clip to a colored image, I just used the Spring Fields colors. Is their a reason to use gray scale instead?

Sorry for all the questions. Figured I get this here before the deadline, so I can fix something if it isn't right.

Engela, your elements are awesome. I downloaded them and used one of your dragonflys in a layout that I am making with downloaded challenge elements from everyone. Thanks so much!

Hey Marisa, I have a question. I made a layout from some of the goodies all of the wonderful ladies made. Is it OK to post a copy of it in this thread so everyone can see their elements?

I think I followed the directions but using mediafire to place the preview, it doesn't show up. Sorry about that! smiley

I enjoyed the challenge. I hope you can use some of the pieces!

Download at:

Software: Serif Craft Artist 2


Trying this one more time..

Chickie, thanks. Can't wait to see it.

@Chickie: Of course!

I deceided to make sequins for this challenge, and they were suposed to be my first time extracting to create elements. However, I compared my sequins with Marisa´s and Heather Neal´s and realised that they weren´t of really low quality, and that was better to draw a sequin from the scratch. My husband Heliton Junior helped me with them and added his own creation: Buttons! As, to be really honest, a big part of the sequins you will see were made by him, we deceided to put all our part in only one file. We both learned a lot, and he wrote on his blog that he never imagined he would use his graphic designer skills to draw sequins, lol!

Here is my preview:

Download here

I also have to say that I already downloaded all your contributions, and they will be very useful - thanks for sharing smiley

Here is my contribution to this challenge. I used a few Pixel Scrapper papers to create the design layer on the butterfly and charms (in my blog freebie). Otherwise everything is either my own creation or actual items I scanned, extracted and altered to create these elements.

You can download it from Skydrive HERE I think I fixed the link...LMK if it still is broken.

I also have an addon on my blog Stampgram's Studio.
You can find the link to download there.

Thank you, everyone for your wonderful elements. With spring finally arriving, they will be put to good use.

Here is the layout I made using some of the wonderful elements made for this challenge:

I used the following:

Spring Field Papers
Sunny’s flower and pebble
Jenny’s flowers
Molly’s Misted Flowers
Janet’s Splats and gem
Engela’s Dragonfly

I also made some leaves to go with all the flowers, which I used in my layout.

Here is the link.


Chickie, what a great layout! Love it. smiley

This has by far been my favorite challenge so far (and I've participated in quite a few). There are so many creative people on this site!

Chickie, that is wonderful!

Everyone made such wonderful elements that I had to try some. I got started pretty late but I did get it done. It's the first time I've done this and it was such a great challenge opportunity!

This is a great challenge...I had so much fun I couldn't stop! lol Thanks everyone for the awesome pieces. Love your layout Chickie.

You all are seriously talented. I'm really enjoying what you all come up with. If I only had a smidge of talent!

Everyone is doing so well!

@Lorien: I love that you and your husband work on this together. So cute!

Really great elements posted everyone! Thanks for sharing!


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