Designer Challenge - Make An Alpha - Deadline March 23

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Here is my part:

download at my blog

Wow, Sunny & Jessica..... Loving you're alpha's

I am an Alpha-holic and never skip the chance to make another one. So happy was I to see this challenge. Here is my entry. You can download it from my blog:

Trine, Danish Design

Thank you so much everybody for the beautiful Alpha's you have all made, they are all great!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't see an alpha with March's Chinese Orient blog train, so to kill two birds with one stone, I made the alpha challenge to coordinate with the Chinese Orient Blog Train. The colors also look good with Marisa Lerin's Spring Fields Kit.

I decided that some people may like the whole alpha on a single sheet, while others prefer an individual file for each letter, therefore I zipped them that way, so you can download which ever file you prefer. It should be faster that way.

Here is the zipped single sheet.

Here is the zip of the individual files of PNGs on a transparent background.

Both files have uppercase, lowercase, and common punctuation symbols all at 300 dpi. The capital letters are an inch tall.

I decided not to do the psd file.


Molly, thanks. Not discouraging at all. smiley I took your advice and decided not to do the PSD file for the alpha. Then to make the downloading even faster, I gave people a choice of which way they'd prefer (single sheet or individual files). I myself like the individual files, so I can just drag them onto my page. But the individual page make it clearer whether you are getting the uppercase "C" or the lowercase "c."

Wow, everyone is doing such an awesome job! Wonderful work ladies!

Wow...I really need to kick myself into gear and get started. These alphabets are fantastic!!

ladies, each alpha is so different but really cool and i could think of ways to use them as i scrolled down the thread!! it's really exciting to see such cool work! thank you so much for sharing smiley

Thank you all for sharing your alphas.

beautifull alphas! congratulations smiley

@Engela- Your alpha rocks! Absolutely fabu!

Everyone has done so well... I need to get my butt in gear!

learning and creating together is just awesome, such a great challenge with so many wonderful alpha's! (can't wait till friday for the next challange smiley )

Wow ladies!! I spy some beautiful alpha's here!!!
I've been working on my alpha's but it's proving to be a tad bit tricky for me ... I can't seem to get them right LOL ... Practice makes perfect right? I've almost got my first one totally finished! I'll upload after work today.

Can`t wait to see you`re alpha Angela.... the more you try... the easier it gets smiley

Great alphas, every one is wonderful. I'm trying my first but it's much more complicated than I imagined. Don't know if I'll finish for the challenge but I'll keep plugging away.

(Several hours later!!)Wahoo, I did it! And here is the finished product. It was a real learning experience even if no one can use them, but it may be my last alpha. I never truly appreciated before just how much work it is to make all these lovely alphas I download so blithely. A heartfelt thank you to all designers.

The font I used is Cool Dots.


Well, I finally got to it. The font I used is called Rocket.


Okay here is my attempt. This was a tremendous learning experience for me. I started with the Century Gothic font and tweaked the dimensions of it. Made a yellow stripe template, and used the clipping mask option. Then I followed Marisa's tutorial on "Making a 3D Plastic Bubble Effect". I tweaked the numbers and settings from the tutorial, and am not sure if I totally love it, but I went with it anyway because making an alpha DOES take forever and I didn't want to go back!

I'm so glad I took part in the challenge. I learned a lot and now feel very empowered to start designing more!

I forgot to add that this alpha is for Personal Use.

Pick it up here.

Woooo awesome!!

@Molly: your download link is linked to the image instead of download

@Engela, your alpha is great and it will go perfectly with the Chinese Orient blog train! But in case you were wanting to use the stuff from the train, there were two alphas shared. FranB shared a fortune cookie alpha and HunnyBee Design had a typewriter key alpha.

Just in case you were looking for alphas. Yours is awesome too and I'm looking forward to trying it out! I'm excited to have more because I really liked that blog train. smiley

@cat Since I need to this digi scrapbooking game how do yo use an alpha that on one sheet and what would be the advantage?

Beautiful fonts everyone. Thank you for your hard work. I also want to say thanks for making previews it really helps with organizing all the digi supplies.

Here is mine! I started with one alpha in one color... but, see, I had a whole set of those styles (they are by Aimee Harrison, aren't they AWESOME???), and it looked so cool... Well, in the end I ended up with 6 complete alphas. I've made a sampler freebie, which is available until March 31st on my blog! The full bundle will be added to my store tomorrow if anyone is interested!

Ok here are mine ... I'm still learning how to designing ... but it sure is fun!! I have the freebie up on my blog, you can visit it here.

Download here. (MediaFire)

Fantastic challenge, Marisa. I adore fonts and styles and playing around with typography, but I had never made an entire alphabet until today. Go, me!
And go all of YOU! So many wonderfully creative and fun alphas have been shared so far. I am so impressed with the enthusiasm and creativity being shown in response to these designing challenges.

I haven´t have time to download your portions yet, but there are lots of fantastic alphas! Thanks for sharing. I also finished my very first alpha. It was most difficult than I thought, because the font I choose as basis had some problems I needed to fix. Today, the download is on my blog, because it´s an add-on to my last freebie:

There are so many great alphas here! I started to create one and got stuck. Life has taken over, and I'm not sure if I'll get back to it before time runs out. But I still have in mind to design one. Thanks for a great challenge!

Hi Girls...
Well, here my Alpha. My 1st project 100% made in Photoshop. I hope you enjoy it! smiley

Also, all your alphas are realy amazing, congratulations for all.

Donwload here:

Beautiful alpha Holly... I love the two tone rusty grungy look. Thanks for the link.

Wonderful alpha Heliton, I really like the font you used and the color has an awesome neon look.


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