DESIGNER CHALLENGE: Xmas in July - Week 4 (Misc)

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Here is my preview:

Downloadable at my blog very soon smiley

Saskia that's beautiful!!!! thanks Sharron, I am enjoying the new job. My husband is out working tonight so I might make a few things smiley

@Saskia Wow that s beautiful. Love those colors even though I never thought of them as Christmas I will definitely from now on.

Beautiful kit Saskia. Love the glitter and sparkle... right up my alley!

Wonderful work everyone!!

Chickie, thanks for the adorable kit!

Thanks for the kit, Chickie. It's like Christmas already.

You are welcome! Happy scrapping!

CHICKIE!! Merry Christmas to me! Thank you so much for this adorable kit! Is it okay if I use it to make my christmas card this year?!

Thank you all and you're all welcome!!

The Dropbox links to my kit, personal use only please. It has a somewhat limited appeal if you don't spend your holidays on the beach, but it was very much fun to make. Please notice that there are two sizes of papers but every one is both sizes.

12x12 papers 1
12x12 papers 2
8x11 papers all

I will get much use out of them! Thank you so much!

You are welcome, Judy

Thanks for this - I can't wait to make a Christmas page. smiley

Thank you so much Chickie - I love it - the snowman is adorable and I love the papers - you are very talented!

Thank you Harriett - lovely kit and I adore the seahorse. My Christmases are the cold snowy ones but I can find lots of uses for this kit I am sure. Great word art!

Saskia - I really like the soft colours you've chosen for your kit and the glittery edges look lovely! I shall watch out for it on your blog!

Tiffany, I would say that it is OK since it is flattened, and you are not selling it.

Thank you Chickie, Harriet, Judy, Sharron and Isa for your fantastic creative talent. Love each of the kits you have done or are working on.

I can't even begin to tell you how crazy these past few weeks have been for me....were talking flea infestation, water leak that means taking out some walls in our house, quarantining half our house, pool pump broke, friend of the family that was missing for 4 days(they found him and he is alright, Thank the Lord), sick son, birthday party for a lot of teenagers, etc...I could go on and on, lol....We are working everything out though, and just taking things one day at a time and are super positive about all of it, its just a temporary inconvenience....Oh, and my son is not sick anymore, so I'm good...haha. Anyway, I rushed through this kinda and did it all in 3 days thanks to my sweet daughter who drew some clipart for me because I wanted baby Jesus in it somewhere. I really liked how it came out, its just that the preview turned out really clustered this time, I guess I didn't take my time with it as I was scratching all the flea bites at the computer, lol. I hope you guys like it!! I LOVED all the previews I've seen on here, sooooo awesome!! So much talent here, I just look so forward to coming on here and scrolling through looking at all the amazing creations. Its so much fun!!! Anyway, here is my clustered up preview, hahah.....

You can grab it here:)

thank you, Judy and Sheila. Can't wait for Christmas now.

Sheila, Thank you love your Christmas kit.

Sheila, your kit is adorable and your DD did a fantastic job. LOVE it!

Thanks Dawn and Judy!
Here is my kit. Sorry it's so HUGE, but I couldn't help myself!! Since this is the first time sharing a kit, I hope if you download and find problems or suggestions (besides making smaller kits), you will let me know. Links are below.
Papers 1 -
Papers 2 -
Papers 3 -
Papers 4 -
Elements 1 -
Elements 2 -
Elements 3 -
Elements 4 -

Thank you all for the compliments:)

OH my Shiela - how on earth you managed to produce anything with all that going on in the background I do not know!! You've created such a lovely kit - thank you - and please thank your daughter for the sweet baby Jesus!!

Thank you Andene - I especially like the spotty paper and the white ones!

Thank you so much for your time and talent, everyone. I'm going to use some of these in my Christmas letter come November! smiley

Such lovely kits, ladies! =D


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