DESIGNER: Christmas in July Challenge - Week 1

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DESIGNER: Christmas in July Challenge - Week 1

Sometimes it's hard to keep on your toes and be prepared for all the holidays as they come around. So we're going to get a head start and work on Christmas! If Christmas isn't inspiring to you, feel free to branch out into another winter theme. I've set a different category for each week in July to help you keep on track and feel free to share whatever you've made and questions and thoughts here in the thread.

July Week 1 - Planning, palette selection
July Week 2 - Papers
July Week 3 - Elements
July Week 4 - Alphas, clusters, quick pages, etc

How awesome (allthough I probably not understand it completely lol).
Is the challenge for this week only the planning an palette?

Yea this looks like fun

I read it as that and also thought it would be a great opportunity to sketch and find those elements and themed items that I plan to use for the following weeks..

But I don't see why you couldn't just get started.. Sometimes its best to work when the creative moment hits you. smiley at least for me it is!

This week on the schedule is just for planning, but if you want to get a head start, I won't stop you!

This is too funny, my daughter and I were talking a month ago about what theme kit to design in July, I told her, I wanna do one with a Christmas theme, you know, like "Christmas In July", and she thought it was silly and too early for Christmas, but I LOVED the idea. So when I saw this post, I ran a grabbed her and she saw this and we just looked at each other and laughed....She said "well, it looks like you'll get your Christmas kit after all", haha......I guess you can count me in!! Although, with working "At The Beach" at the same time, we'll see what I can ACTUALLY get done,lol:)

My husband is really happy about this challenge. He was watching me work on a kit early this morning and he said that he couldn't wait until I started working on a Christmas themed kit, since it is his favorite time of the year smiley

Well.... It´s winter here... so, through some aspect, it will be nice to do some seasonal stuff.

And in my opinion it´s good to start thinking on Christmas now... so no hurry on the end of the year...

I'm well into my Christmas shopping (we do have a lot of overseas parcels to organise) and will have to start the first wave of Christmas cards next month so I am thrilled with Christmas in July.

I like this idea and I'll try to participate. smiley

Glad to see everyone on board! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. If you come across some interesting Christmas palettes (beyond red and green) please share!

Here are some color inspirations, the first one is just one I put together for future use, I love the purple color in it, so non-traditional but pretty.....

Here are some I found online:

I know I went crazy with the color inspirations, but they were soooo pretty, and I just LOVE colors!!!!!!! Even if we don't use them, aren't they so cool to look at? lol:)

Years ago, when I first moved away from home I did a vintage/victorian style with Burgandy, pink, hunter green, etc

I'm looking forward to this one. I thought I'd check Design Seeds for palette ideas.

I thought I might use this one that I stumbled across today. If I do go with this one, I would perhaps add a darker green and also the Pixel Scrapper neutrals Marisa gives us for group palettes to make things a bit easier on myself. Do you guys think it would work well for a Christmas kit?

But now that I see all the gorgeous ones Sheila just shared . . . I'm not sure. I have such a hard time make decisions like this. I just think all colors are pretty and that makes leaving any of them out, so very hard to do! (Thanks for making me confused, Sheila. The palettes you put up are truly tempting.)

Holly, I think your palette is adorable! I am thinking if I should make my own based on my x-mas tree from last year... But it depends on the theme I choose...

Oh, those are wonderful colors!!! Hey, does anyone want to coordinate the color pallete so we do sort of a collab? I'm in love with the second pallete Sheila posted, so if anybody is too we could work with that...

@Holly- I love your palette, perfect holiday colors:)

@Dawn, I love the victorian style idea, I bet it was sooooo pretty:)

Love this color combo. Seems like you could really do a lot with this.

Thanks so much for weighing in, my friends. Since I've gotten positive reviews from y'all, I think I will go with what caught my eye first . . . easier than mulling things over with my easily-confused pea brain and trying to make a different decision. *ahem*

Now, Lorien has brought up the concept of deciding upon a theme . . . (Here I go again with the indecision-LOL!)

@Fran . . . we are free to choose our own palettes for this challenge. (Cintia did bring up the possibility of several people choosing the same one and working towards a collaboration, but that is optional.) And I love the second one you shared . . . the warm browns and icy blues are so appealing!

@Cintia....I think I am going with the second pallette as well:)

I am really loving this challenge. I will have to put my thinking cap on and come up with some good ideas. smiley

This sounds right up my alley. Thought this palette was sweet for Christmas. Hope I have added the photo correctly.

Hey Sheila! great news. I think it will be great!

Love all those palettes ladies! Can't wait to see what you all make. What sorts of themes are you going to be focusing on? Snow, presents, trees, religious, many ideas to think about!

I think my focus will be on landscape designs like snow, trees, frost maybe some candy-cane type designs smiley

Y'all are sharing some absolutely beautiful palettes.

I think I am going to go for a Candy/Cookie type Christmas theme.

I couldn't find a ready-made palette that had everything I wanted, so I made my own from a photo that I like. I'm not sure about the "neutral" that I chose, so that may change after I start playing. I think my theme will be ornaments, ribbons, bows, wrapping paper, etc.

[img] color palette by plgarver1962

Here's my palette. I'm going to focus on the "Sparkly-ness" of the holidays.

I think I have my palette!


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