DESIGNER: Christmas in July Challenge - Week 2 - Papers

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DESIGNER: Christmas in July Challenge - Week 2 - Papers

Sometimes it's hard to keep on your toes and be prepared for all the holidays as they come around. So we're going to get a head start and work on Christmas! If Christmas isn't inspiring to you, feel free to branch out into another winter theme. I've set a different category for each week in July to help you keep on track and feel free to share whatever you've made and questions and thoughts here in the thread.

July Week 1 - Planning, palette selection
July Week 2 - Papers
July Week 3 - Elements
July Week 4 - Alphas, clusters, quick pages, etc

just wondering why there are two forum categories for this challenge, week 2, papers

Good question, I hadn't noticed there were two. Maybe because the other thread was titled "Xmas in July" instead of "Christmas in July"?

I've been in the process of losing my mind over the past couple of weeks. Sorry about that!