DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 1)

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I am so behind this time:) I am trying to figure out how to make decent floral patterns, has always been so hard for me to make them, even using the offset filter! smiley Oh well, here are the ones I have so far. I am going to try for a simple soft and cheery theme this time. I think I may call it Simple Pleasures, or something along that line. We'll see when we are at the end. Anyway, here are some:


Polka Dots:



Floral Paper

Multiple Pattern

Ok so I found some time.. Yay me to get digital smiley so I went ahead and did the week 1 assignments.

Here is the preview

And here are the downloads I have made it in 2 parts for those with a slower connection
part 1

Part 2

Looks wonderful everyone! Your palettes are all great and the papers beautiful! Inspiring to me to get started!

@Sheila: The offset filter never works for me either. I always end up doing something really complicated to get a pattern to repeat...

I am glad to see you here Tina smiley

Well, do you remember my kit that I haven´t finished for April challenge? I´ll try to do it this month! My goal is offer it as a gift to my blog visitors next month, as I´ll be having a 6-month blogversary!

3-geometric 4-plaid

@Marisa, Thanks for the awesome plaid pattern!

I figured I'd share mine with you guys as they are individually but shrunk down to 40% (when dragged and dropped into the address bar). I'm still new at this.. getting better every challenge. smiley




Fun Shape


Multiple Patterns (since I'm going for a fun house feel, I am relying on a lot of contrast with bold colors and shapes. I hope it works out)

I am really enjoying everyone's creations. They all look like they are going to be fabulous kits. Here are my Day 4 - Plaids.

DinoStomp Plaid Paper by Danell M, on Flickr

DinoStomp Plaid Paper by Danell M, on Flickr

The past 5-7 days have been so busy for me, but I am definitely going to participate. Here is my palette and hopefully I will return this evening with some completed work smiley

@Dawn, I think that is so neat! My son wants me to make him a kit on the side that has to do with a hot wheels type theme. Its so cute to have our little ones involved.

Yeay...I like this thing with the "plaid"...never tried this before ;)...thanks for this designer challenge...I now also know what an offset filter is smiley.

Here are my papers:

Have some troubles to find a nice fun shape...Marisa could you already give a little tiny outlook on the next elements that I can think about a matching shape? smiley

They are looking fabulous! Loving the geometrics.

Okay, I was just looking though at everyone's papers so far and I just have to say a few things

@Renee - Really cool, fun, bright colors, definitely makes me think of the fun houses I went to as a kid!

@Brittany - I am happy you decided to join the challenge, I had a blast last month (I'm still not done with mine, decided I wanted to add more). I am really liking your colors, brings to mind a day at the beach.

@Danell-I am so glad you decided to take part in the challenges, they can be so much fun! I really like the colors you have chosen, can't wait to see more!

@Isa-Beautiful color combination, one of my favorites! Especially when doing baby girl layouts.

@Chickie-Can't wait to see what theme you are going for, I am really liking your papers!

@Emerald-I love the kit name and the colors kinda do bring a smile to your face smiley

@Cynthia-Pretty colors and I am totally in love with your fun shape paper!!

@Harriett-I like the palette you are going with. And VERY COOL geometric paper, made me giggle, but I love it!!!

@Sheila-Lovin' the colors!!

@Tina-Glad you found some time smiley So far your papers remind me of Big ol' family BBQ's when I was a kid!

Geometric for the 3rd:


Plaid for the 4th:

Here is my fun shape / shapes for the 5th. As you can see I am doing a patriotic theme for the 4th:


My floral for the 6th:


My Multi for the 7th:


Sheila, here is a very quick youtube video on offset patterns... the most important thing to remember, I think, is you have to offset your pattern at half the size of your original document. So if your layer is 600 pixels by 600 pixels, you offset it 300 x 300. Make sure your shape is exactly in the middle, (use your guides) duplicate it and offset the top layer, merge and define pattern.


@Chickie-I was thinking you were probably going for a patriotic theme smiley So far I am loving your papers and I can't wait to see your elements!

@Andene-I really like your color combination, I never would have thought to put the red in there, but I really like it smiley

Terrific papers everyone!!

The element prompts will be similar to before. Basic things like tag, frame, fastener, etc. I like to leave it pretty open so you have the freedom to do what you want.

Here's my June paper preview. Since June is the month for Father's day I'm paying a little homage to all the guys in my life.

5-Fun Shape

@Emerald, ooooo, I'm lovin the fun shapes!!!

@Chickie, Thanks for the tutorial, I'll have to watch it and see what I'm doing wrong. I usually do excactly as you described, but the offset is always slightly off. Even when I check and recheck that everything is lined up perfectly...oh well. Yesterday I played around with a more complicated method and it worked, just time consuming, ugh....the offset filter and I have a love/hate relationship right now, lol:) Thanks again....

Floral: I had the hardest time trying to make a floral pattern, but I finally made one after 3 days of trying off and on:)

Fun Shape: I thought a heart pattern would be fun, but wanted it to be different, so I came up with this pattern where they are overlapping each other.

Thank you Dawn for the comment on my fun shape paper. I too am loving all the creative work going on here and really appreciate all the sharing everyone is doing as an online community.

Thank you, Sheila smiley I decided I wanted to use the shapes as elements in the kit instead of making a paper.

Here is my First week participation: For some instructions I made paper and element, and I am having a HUGE fun with this color palette!


Day 5 Fun Shapes --- Thanks Marisa for the camo template. I love it!

DinoStomp Fun shapes by Danell M, on Flickr

DinoStomp Fun shapes by Danell M, on Flickr


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