DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 1)

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@Elizabeth - I love that you used "The Scream" for color inspiration. I think it is a great tribute for the guys in your life. Oh, and I really love your textures.

@Sheila -I love your floral. I would love to know what technique you ended up using.

@Cintia - I am really liking what you have done so far. Your floral paper really caught my eye, as well as your paint splatter.

@Isa - My kids are all oohing and aahing over your fun shape paper, they are all "band geeks" smiley

Multiple Pattern:

Thanks Dawn. I like the 'pop' it gives.


Wonderful creations everyone! So many fun things being made.

Thanks tons Dawn! I haven't yet decided if "the Scream" inspiration is "realism" or "surrealism" in this case. smiley

Here are my days 1 and 2, and I am almost done with the others, just making finishing touches/textures smiley

7 Multi-pattern

Ooh, I so wish I had time to participate, but it looks like another busy month is cropping up. Love all the designs everyone!

Day 6 - Floral Patterns

DinoStomp Large Flowers by Danell M, on Flickr

DinoStomp Floral Border by Danell M, on Flickr

Here is a little preview of the papers I came up with this week. lol xoxox Beth

Your papers are precious. xoxox Beth

Looking good everyone! Way to keep up with the challenge!

Day 7 - Multiple pattern

Dino Patterned Stripes by Danell M, on Flickr

Gosh...I seriously had troubles with that...but finally came up with something I can live with.


@Angela - I like your pink and purple colors, very pretty smiley

@Beth - Like your bold colors and the distressed look!

Here are the rest of my papers for the week

Wow! Awesome work for the first week, Everyone!

I am a little behind...but my photoshop made some troubles and all my paper was gone...damn it smiley.
But here now the last paper.


I love the theme you have going here, Isa smiley

Thanks for this challenge, did it all tonight as I missed out. It was kinda challenging and doesn't exactly match, but it's not too shabby for my first ever didgi attempt I guess. Nice job everyone.

P.S I love Dawn's floral paper and Isa's theme

@Jess - I am so glad you were able to join us in the challenge, and such a great job, and wow, especially for your first ever attempt and doing it all in one night. I am really loving your heart paper

And thank you smiley

I am really loving all the papers everyone is making here! I am seeing some series talent! Love the variety. Great job!

Oooh this is really something I want to do! This week and next I am participating in a outdoor theatre in the Botanical Gardens here in Gothenburg so I realise I just do not have the time.
Will jump on the next train though!

My first challenge and my first attempt to use flickr. I can't find directions for sharing from flickr, so I hope I'm doing this correctly.

Awww thanks Dawn smiley yeah I really wasn't too confident with the hearts as I drew them by hand, and don't think they turned out very well. I thought they look like children drew them, hence my "words" paper this week is now "childs play". thanks for the vote of confidence smiley

@Magdalena - If you find any time, please feel free to just jump right in, even if you only have time to complete 1 or 2 days, we would love to have you join the challenge.

@Penny - Glad you could join us, and with such bright, pretty colors smiley

Thanks, Dawn! smiley

So late - but Here is week 1 !!!

Everyone's papers look amazing, I'm learning a lot!


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