DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 2)

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@Dawn Thank you!! I've been trying to make atleast one element every day as well so that it fills out the kit a little more.

Wow everyone is so creative! I'm s glad I decided to join, but feel far behind everyone else! Sheila thank you for the awesome kit, I love the theme you used!!

This challenge, and ALL the contributions so far, is inspiring!!

@Vanessa-Thank you on the compliment on my word art.
You have done a fab job with your projects.

@April-I really love your papers,"Let Freedom Ring" they are all sooooo pretty.
Will you be offering them,selling them anywhere?

@Shelia--I love,love your new kit,i love the colors also.You are sooooo talented and such a blessing.

Day 8 Chevron

Day 9 Scatter

Day 10 Words

Day 11 Damask

Day 12 Ornamental

Day 13 Geometric

Day 14 Extra Small

Here are a few thoughts I had while perusing the entries. Aside from the fact that they're all amazing...
@Elizabeth-The target shooting page is so unique! I love the bullet holes.
@ Cynthia-All three chevrons are great but I love the rainbow one.
@Jess-Your own little drawings are awesome!
@Isa-I love the scatter page you made.
@Chickie-Love your RWB creations and the ornamental page
@Sheila-Your words turned out really great and the soft color palette is pretty.
@Dawn-You have a fun theme!
@Renee-I love your funhouse theme! Can't wait to see it all.
@Bianca-I especially love the words page
@Emerald-Way to go making your own damask from scratch!
@Andene-Your chevron flower is really pretty.
@April-Your RWB kit is great-I love the two tone damask!
@Cynthia-Your damask with fading colors is beautiful!
@Sheila-I love your kit! Thank you!
@Cintia-Your preview looks great! I'm anxious to see the whole page of word art.
@Mersija-Love your vivid color palette!

Thank you Dawn!

Thank you Harriet!

@Mersija I will be offering the complete kit on my blog for free at the beginning of next month. Thanks for asking! I'm glad you like it smiley

You have to know that I am loving your papers, April!

Thanks so much Lou Anne!

Here is my geometric for the 13th. I could not decide on which color I liked the most, so I made one of each. This is a preview of all three colors.


Here is my x-small pattern for the 14th:


I don't know which I'm enjoying more; making my own stuff or seeing all the beautiful creations from everyone else! How fun is this??!! Thanks tons for all the nice comments on my papers! Here's the finals for this week, geomtric and extra small. I'm also including the preview for this week so you can see the whole lot. smiley

Wow! You all are very creative.. I watched your designs and yesterday I decided to join this challenge.. At the moment I have a lot of time smiley
Here are my designs:







extra small:

[img=600x600] spring fling week two preview by plgarver1962, on Flickr[/img]
My week 2 preview.

@Lou Anne - I am totally in love with your scatter!! It is just gorgeous!! Is it a separate element or part of the paper?

@Rani - I am really glad you are joining us in the challenge. I am loving your colors, and I can't wait to see more.

@Chickie Thank you so much, I really love yours! I find myself wishing my papers looked more like yours, but not wanting to try to copy you!! haha

Thank you Lou Anne for the compliment. I think the theme you have is beautiful, Love your scatter and geometric papers.

This is the last of my papers so far. I think I will commit next week to some elements to fill out this kit as I have a web site to start building.

Scatter uneven

Extra Small

@Dawn-It's part of the paper and a separate element. (I made the element with the elements challenge then added a little bit to it. Thanks for the compliment.

Super cute work everyone! So inspiring!


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