DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 4)

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Here is my tape, metal, brads, funshapes, flowers, fabric, tag, and frame.

This is my word art. It wouldn't fit with the others.

I will be sharing a kit soon on my blog. I'll be sure to list it here or in the freebies section, if this one is closed.

Thank you, Judy, for your Summerade kit. Love the sunny bright colors.

Ok, so here is my final kit:

You can grab it in my blog

I finished my kit early. To be honest, I lost interest with my theme. There's just been a lot going on in my home life so I just wrapped it up. I would have loved to make some stickers with carnival foods on them, and ride silhouette overlays. Anyways, I plan on putting it in my etsy store. Who knows, I might go back and make more stuff for it down the line. For right now, I'm not feeling like it lol.

spring fling week four preview by plgarver1962
I finished mine as well. I have a long way to go in creating elements, it's never been my strong suit. But I am enjoying the challenges. Thanks for letting me participate.

Here are my flowers & fabric for the 27-28. I had no idea what to do with fabric, so some of the flowers are a fabric texture.


Finished this challenge smiley. Great way to force yourself to try out new stuff. Thanks for that. Stuff will be available at my blog soon.

28-Fabric, some masks

There are some fantasic creations this month - well done everyone and thank you Judy for the lovely Summer-ade kit!

Judy, thank you for the SummerAde kit. The colors and theme are perfect for some pictures I need to scrap!

Flowers. Some of them have fabric.

I made a memo even though it was not on the list....I don't think. Tag, brads, frame, wordart, tape and something fun.

Here are my final designs for this month. Tags and Frames. Now I have to zip everything up!


fantastic work! I dont think I';l be able to complete this challenge now, as I'm flat out, but even if i can make one element I'll be happ. loving your stuff Isa!

I finished my Kit! You can download it here.



Sorry it has taken me so long to get elements here., but here are a few I have been working on and will have more in a bit.

Tags, Tape, Flair, Banner, Metal...

Chickie, Your papers and elements are awesome! Would you consider doing a tutorial on how you do the texture part of your overall look on your items. Thank you.

Lou Anne, I am totally amazed at your mermaid work.


Cynthia, what I used was a grunge overlay and set my blending mode to screen. I used the same overlay for everything so it would have the same texture. I just would flip / rotate it around so the pattern would change a bit.

Here are the rest of my elements: Fun shape, flowers, fabric, now to zip and post .

Here is my kit preview... Not all items are shown, but you can get a good idea! Links below. Hope everyone enjoys it!


Links to kit:
Papers 1
Papers 2
Gingham Bonus Papers
Elements 1
Elements 2
Elements 3

Thank you Cynthia.

Cynthia, I really like the flowers you made. Did you make them digitally or are they 3D then photographed?

Wow Chickie, I can't wait to unzip all of these and play. Thank you for sharing your fabulous designs.

Here is preview of elements. Papers were posted earlier.

Link to Sun Fun Elements

Link to Sun Fun papers

Rani, thank you for sharing your first kit. You did a great job! I love the color palette you chose.

Thank you for sharing your creations Cynthia. I started at the bottom of the posts so I haven't gotten to the papers yet.

Thanks, Rani, for the kit. Love the beige/aqua colors together.
Thank you Cynthia, love your kit.
Thank all of you designers for sharing your time and talent.

Thank you, Chickie. I'm so excited to use your kit for this 4th. Great work.

You are welcome Harriett! Thanks so much Rani and Cynthia love your kits.


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