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Getting Started

If you're interested in joining us for a challenge, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Apply for access to the gallery. Be sure you meet the requirements. It may take up to 2 days to gain access, so be patient. You can read about our gallery guidelines here.

2. Be sure you are familiar with the challenge rules:

3. Once you have access to the gallery:

  • Find directions for uploading to the gallery here.
  • Find directions on sharing your layout in the forums here.


When I click on the link for "Basic Challenge Rules" or "Kit Challenge Rules" it gives me the message Access Denied?
Help please.

Sorry about that. I just changed the rules yesterday and didn't update the links here. Thanks!

No Problem thought I had to do something on my side.

I applied the other day then re-applied today, because I wasn't quite sure if I REALLY followed the rules the first time....I hope that it is ok...I fixed things! I also am excited to join some of these layout challenges! The older ones that are already done have so many interesting and intriguing concepts behind them! smiley

Hi Bethlyn. I've sent you two responses, so be sure to check your email and read the directions carefully.

Hiya! Unless this is one of the responses, I only received one >.< I just spent the past 20 minutes though finding a photo of ME...instead of everything ELSE under the sun. Also, I replied to the email (I hope that was ok?) because I tried to use the "contact" button from editing my profile (because it directed me to) but it didn't load or something...Please forgive me for all my oopsies! smiley

What does WLM stand for? I am new hear and have not found anything that says it.

WLM is Winter Layout Madness - Robin! Here at Pixel Scrapper we have madness about every 6 months - WLM & SLM. During madness months we post lots of challenge prompts and encourage people to set goals with how many layouts they want to try to create.

Oh, ok~ Well, then I will join in. My goal will be 20. I have already added two of those to the gallery. Still learning.

I can't wait to share mine layouts in the gallery!:D

I'm ready to try a few challenges too.

I'm eager to get started, gotta earn those Community Points first, though!