Interest in Art Journaling Challenge

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Interest in Art Journaling Challenge

I'm thinking about new challenges to start in the fall, and wondering who's interested in an art journaling challenge? Leave any thoughts below!

New challenge every month.
62% (20 votes)
New challenge every 2 weeks.
28% (9 votes)
New challenge every week.
9% (3 votes)
Not interested.
0% (0 votes)
Other idea (leave comments below).
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 32

I'd love life to be as it was five years ago when I could cope with weekly challenges, LOL, but although I voted for fortnightly, monthly would also be good!

I started an Art Journaling challenge at Hummie's World and it has been very popular...tailing off a bit the past month which I'm hoping is down to holidays and kids being off school, that kinda stuff!

I love art journaling as you get so many variations on pages and styles, and everything and anything goes!! I'd say what i do is on the outskirts LOL but it's what I love to create, and I use it for inspirational words that I want to look again over and over again, or else display in the house!

I'm really looking forward to seeing your new challenge!!!! x

Would Love monthly,
I really love seeing peoples Art journalling and would love to learn more about it and have a go too x

What sort of prompts would you enjoy for an art journaling challenge?

Art journaling is one of the things that I need practice with. I don't do them often, so I'm not the best at creating them. But, I adore art journaling by others! I think that I just need to stretch my wings and try it more often. The types of art journaling that I love best are the pages that focus on a certain "emotion" or how someone is feeling at the moment. I think that art journaling is a creative way to get out stress if you are feeling bad or even sad. You could use a prompt such as, "Make an art journal layout with the theme _______" or "Make an art journal layout reflecting a time that you felt ________". Something along those lines. Or you could always focus on a certain trend or aspect of art journaling right now. The use of brushes, the use of words, etc.

The digidares site probably has tons of possible prompts in their archives to give you some ideas. I've done their weekly "dare" the last two weeks in a row and have really enjoyed it.

would love to learn and participate in art journaling challenges!! any time frame would be wonderful!! smiley

I would love to see a tutorial on Art Journaling from Kimberlee smiley
She is AMAZING at it!

Okay, I'm confused. Someone please explain art journaling in maybe one sentence. I think I might know what you're talking about, but...... THANKS!

Here's my board of Art Journaling Inspiration.

Is it basically scrapping without a picture? Yet a little journaling thrown in? Art inspired layouts?

Art Journalling may contain a photo but is more likely to be blended than framed.

I use art journal prompts to inspire a layout - sometimes it ends up collage like (more to the true art journal style) and sometimes I end up with something that is somewhere between a traditional layout and an art journal piece.

In a way I think that is the point - there is really no right or wrong.

Another aspect of art journalling would be that it tends more toward emotional response than storytelling.

Just my thoughts