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Well, I'd like to scrap @ least 12 layouts of our family in service. Not necessarily 2013 photos, as I've got some from past years that have not been scrapped yet. My son heads into possible his last year at home the fall of 2013, and I've no idea where this year or next will put the members of our family. So I'd like to have at least a small collection of layouts to remind us all of the joys of serving others. It maybe that in less than 1.5 years, we'll HAVE to share digitally with each other just to be able to see how each member is serving others.

Hope to post a first layout soon.

Finish my first layout. I'll scrapping photos of our families service...whether together or as individuals.

I'm still finishing up 2012 and usually like to scrap chronologically. As a "growth" experience I'm going to skip up to a January event to publish for this challenge.

This is my attempt to this challenge. My first week!!!

i'm pretty happy with this one!
Left side
Right side

Does it have to be with the kits that we get here or can it be from random? I use elements from many different places and designers! I've got a few that I've finished in the last week from Christmas and a few from last week during our family night! My New Years goal is to spend more time with my family!

@Angela: Unless it's a specific kit challenge, you can use whatever you'd like in the challenge.

Here's more from me! The project changed a little bit, it was supposed to be just about the weight loss, but I started to scrap how I feel and what's happening in my life, too- I rarely scrap about myself, so this is a good chance to change that. It will still be a year-long project! Only now, it's more like a diary...

your stuff inspired me... I also have to lose some weigh and I think this kind of diary is a great idea!

I have to wait to post since I'm new. I put in the application to unlock the upload to gallery feature. Looking forward to uploading my Layouts!

I really admire the cheerful look of your designs.

I am on my fourth year of Project Life, Photo a Day or whatever you want to call it. I have don't it differently each year, the first year was all about my newest baby granddaughter. The second year I did a two pager for each week and it came out beautiful. Last year I decided to do 8 1/2 x 11 single page per week. I wasn't as pleased with it artistically, but it worked really well as a journal. This year I am doing a 365/12. A month at a time, photo a day with journaling. I will try to get the beginning pages posted in the next few days.

I hope to continue with this project all of 2013, compiling a calendar page with illustrations of some of our activities each month. Thanks for this challenge. It's just the incentive I needed.

I have a problem on posting my month´s layout on time: I´m going to an event on the 30rd noon, and not sure if I´ll have time to scrap on the 31st, lol!

I finished these the other day and was waiting to post in the gallery ...
The first one: My Snow Angel ... My youngest son (John) loves to play out side, even in the snow ... he refused to come inside after 2 hrs of playing with his brother! He had soo much fun!
[img] My Snow Angel by angmariedavis, on Flickr[/img]
Second: Play Time
Lane loved to play silly ... he pretended to be a dog and wanted to play fetch! LOL ... I laughed for a long time, it was sooo cute!
[img] Lanes Child Years-001 by angmariedavis, on Flickr[/img]

Third: Smile
I swear the camara loves John! All of his photos turn out amazing and soo cute!
[img] Smile 2010 by angmariedavis, on Flickr[/img]

Fourth: Say Cheese
Lane (5 months old) was just looking at the camara with this blank look on his face!
[img] Lanes Child Years-002 by angmariedavis, on Flickr[/img]

Here's another one ... My boys at christmas time
[img] Christmas 2010 by angmariedavis, on Flickr[/img]

Another week down.

If you are interested in the full size photo I'm posting them in my 365 on my blog the emily files.

@Lorien: You can always post it in February. The idea for this challenge is not so much to be on the month, but just to keep up with those daily kind of projects...

Started yet another project yesterday- I decided to begin a "Project Life" diary. I plan to make it daily, because I'm a DIARY-FREAK, and weekly just doesn't seem to be enough. Here are the first two days (I just started and missed almost the whole of January, but hey... the year is still long smiley!).

Two new weight loss layouts:

And one for project life:

Thanks everyone for participating! I've given you 10 community points! And congrats to our random winner Diana! Be sure to stop and visit all the layouts and leave some love! Look forward to your projects for February.


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