September Kits - Deadline Sept 30

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September Kits - Deadline Sept 30

Use those new kits! More kits will be added to this challenge as they are added to the site, so be sure to check back and see what's new. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like. See the kit challenge rules here. Sometime I forget to add the new kits to the list, but if it's new in September, feel free to use it for this challenge.

September Kits for this Challenge

The Details

  1. Challenge ends Sept 30, 2013.
  2. You must use assets from the previous list or that were published during Sept 2013.
  3. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for more chances to win.
  4. You must tag your layouts with "kit challenge sept 2013" to be entered. Also, you may share them here in the thread.
  5. Please add it to the example layouts for the appropriate kit by following these steps.
  6. See entered layouts here.

I really want to do a "School" layout but the listed bundles do not have any pages that are available for individual download.
That makes it tough for people like me who cannot commit to the monthly fee due to being on a fixed income. The bundle downloads
are locked to me so I cannot participate. smiley

@Kay: Many of the elements from Brooke's bundle are up for individual dowanlod, and the rest will be coming, as will the assets from my School Supplies kit. It takes our uploaders a lot of time and work to get those things up, so we have to give them a little patience! Everything that is in a bundle eventually is available for individual download. Sometimes it just takes a week or two.

here is a question: can we use templates from those kits instead of assets?

Can your twilight kit be on this list too even though you started releasing it last week I think? I didn't see it on the Aug challenge list. If it makes it more correct, I FINALLY just got the whole thing downloaded today!

The Laundry kit

here in my gallery

Oh I am so glad to hear that I can download individual elements. I will go take a look and then perhaps I can play this month. smiley

@Tiffany: Yes you can use the Twilight Bundle, I've added it to the lest.

@Elif: I think the hope of this challenge is that the layouts represent the bundles, and the templates are probably too versatile to do that. But perhaps we can have a different challenge to use the templates. I'll think about it.

Harriett, I love the socks page! Wonderful humor about a seemingly mundane subject. At my house, a solo sock eventually becomes a dust cloth. smiley

This is mine from twilight bundle

I LOVE it Elif! Definitely makes me miss city life!

@Tiffany: I found photos from the web but i love them too smiley

@Marisa: I guess there is something wrong with the link that you put in the post. It goes to august kit challenge.

loving the two layouts so far!

Double page with the Malaysia bundle

here and here

Okay, so now I know it takes about 5 hours for each layout page. ( Well, I did take time out for lunch.) Good thing I'm retired. This is with Brooke's School kit.

Here in the gallery

week 36~

Awesome layouts, everyone. I love to see people participate in these challenges!

With Twilight kit.....mostly

Here in the gallery

Just added some new bundles!

I added one more ^.^

Love the colors in the Malaysia bundle!

With Pretty Things kit. These challenges are very helpful to getting some scrapping done by focusing my attention on just a few kits. I don't have to decide from among the hundreds of kits in my stash.

Here in the gallery

I used the School Bundle

Sarah, nice double page layout. I like the format you used . The large photos really allow the viewer to see the person in the picture. And your kids (?) look like they would be fun to have around.

Just added a few more bundles to the list!

Just in time, Marisa! Thanks. This is with the Inspire kit.

In my gallery here

And Brooke's Crisp Fall Air kit



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