LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Design

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LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Design

This week I have an image for you from outside the scrapbooking world. This is a template for a web layout, but I think it would look great as a layout for a scrapbook page! Can't wait to see what you make with it!

Important Details

Due Date: Sept 5, 2013, 9am (USA Pacific time)

Tag: challenge design aug 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

love it smiley

Thanks, Marisa. This challenge was just what I needed for a new perspective on these photos.

Here in the gallery

Awesome, Harriett!

It's amazing how a challenge can be inspiring. Now if only I can figure out how to post the layout here...

Hi Peg! I am happy to see that you have decided to join pixelscrapper! (it is an awesome place smiley)

There is a great tutorial here on how you post layouts in the forum for challenges and such. Looking forward to see what great pages you will share with us. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you need help with anything.

I've been a scrapbooking machine the last few days. I guess that's what happens when I don't have any photos to edit!

If anyone missed submitting last week's challenge because the site was down, feel free to tag it with this week's tag and I'll give you pints and enter you into the drawing for this week.

Emily, love that! Marisa, I missed the nature challenge. My layout was half ready and everything smiley

Well. I had to do captcha (or whatever that thing is called) every time I tried to preview my post, which never worked right. If someone can tell me the correct code to show my image, I could probably edit that post.

Got the image code fixed, now the gallery link is wonky. Oh well, I hate doing captcha so I'm not going to try to edit it again. lol!

Great interpretation of the layout, Penny.

These are some great LOs so far everyone!!

Karleena, I'm so challenged by all this. I'll try here to post the layout.

Will try the link to the page also. Think they've worked out.

Perfect timing! The perfect layout for the only 4 photos I got at the wedding courtesy of my battery running out!!

So fun to see the different things created from the same inspiration source!

I love how all these Layouts came out so different. This was a great challenge! Loved to do it!

Here is my submission:

I love your layout. It is a great manly page. He should be proud of you for making him so cool. Tell him he is definitely uber cool.

Here is mine:

WOW, these layout are Fabulous and Inspiring, love the Interpretations x smiley

Great challenge idea Marisa! Here's my layout:

Everyone beautiful layouts, next week i hope i have the time to participate with the challenge. I was hoping to do this one because i really like this one.

Harriet & Judy, thank you so much. I'm having a difficult time scrapping these pictures, and I truly appreciate the encouragement!

I made a page for the challenge, and uploaded it here, but I'll be darned if the darn thing isn't working. Hopefully one of these days you'll be able to see it smiley
**It's fixed!!** YAY!!

Here's mine!

This challenge was a lot of fun and provided lots of inspiration! Here is my layout:

Wonderful layouts everyone! I loved seeing your interpretation of the design. I've given you all 10 community points, and congrats to our random winner Sharon!

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