LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Your Childhood

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LAYOUT CHALLENGE - Weekly - Your Childhood

We often scrap children, but it's rare that I see a layout reflecting on the creator's childhood. So your challenge this week is to make a layout about your own childhood.

Important Details

Due Date: Aug 15, 2013, 9am (USA Pacific time)

Tag: challenge childhood aug 2013
Make sure you use this tag exactly, so we can browse easily through the gallery and see all the submissions, and so you can get your points. Please only tag one layout.

See basic challenge rules here.

Check out finished and entered layouts here.

Cute pictures Sarah smiley

Here's my layout. I loved the theme for this challenge! I used to have a yellow dress that I loved, and I spent most of my childhood wanting to be a ballerina, so I thought I'd use that as my main idea. I've used marisa's flower background, because I was obsessed with drawing them, and the blossom background and butterflies I got in hard-copy paper and loved them.

Long, long ago......

In my gallery here

Here's mine:

Submitting mine!

I used Harper Finch's "Everyday" kit and 2012 template by Cindy Schneider at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Lyrics are Michael Jackson's "Childhood". Find it in the gallery here.

All of your pages look great!

I just found the perfect pics to use in the stash my mom recently sent me. Will be scanning and playing with them tomorrow! smiley

Here is mine.

little me!

I struggled a bit making this layout, because these are my favorite photos of my brother and I when we were little and I really wanted to do the photos and the memory behind them justice. I hope I succeeded!

TRYING to get more involved here............. GOOFY question. Looking at the email I just received, is this considered the Weekly Layout Recipe Challenge or is that somewhere else? I'm just trying to get a lot more scrapping done and I've found that challenges work well for me to get that going. Thanks!

It's posted now here.

Great layouts everyone! Thanks for sharing! I've given you all 10 community points and congrats to our random winner Tina Shaw!

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