LAYOUT: Kit Challenge June 2013

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LAYOUT: Kit Challenge June 2013

Use those new kits! More kits will be added to this challenge as they are added to the site, so be sure to check back and see what's new. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like. See the kit challenge rules here.

June Kits for this Challenge

The Details

  1. Challenge ends July 1, 2013.
  2. You must use assets from the previous list.
  3. You may enter as many layouts as you'd like for more chances to win.
  4. You must tag your layouts with "kit challenge june 2013" to be entered. Also, you may share them here in the thread.
  5. Please add it to the example layouts for the appropriate kit by following these steps.
  6. See entered layouts here.

thank you for previous monthly kit challenge's prize Marisa!
I will get us started this month. I used the Belguim kit, which I was able to download with extra credits for being a winner in the guessing contest last week! It is a fun kit.

I'm going to try to get a layout done for this challenge!!!

Here is my layout. I used Marisa's Birthday Bundle!

I also made a template from my layout - you can find it here.

Just added 2 new kits to the list.

I used the Belgium kit for this layout, tweaked the color on a couple of elements.

In my gallery here

These pages are all so awesome!

Sarah: Your Photo Op page is fun. I love how you turned the tables and took pictures of them. What a fun memory. Isn't the Belgium kit awesome? I like how you stacked the different papers.
Isn't it hilarious the things that adults will do to try and get kids to smile for a camera? I think it is awesome that you took not only a picture of the kids but also one of the parents. I love the bright colors that you chose to use and that even though you used a "birthday kit" you didn't make a page about a birthday.

Brooke: I love how happy your son is over underwear! I love the contrast of the circles against the lined paper. Sometimes I have a hard time thinking of different ways to display multiple photos and feel that so many of my pages just look the same. Thanks for making this layout a template, I am going to have to download it and us it ASAP!

Harriett: I really like how you staggered the pictures and the tittle on a slope. It seems like those two have a great relationship and the layout you made conveys that really well.

I have one with the fun kit Chacos:

find it in the gallery here

Using Belgium

I was going to submit for the vertical layout challenge, but I guess it's already over! it's still the 6th here, but maybe it's supposed to be submitted BEFORE the deadline day? anywho, it was fun regardless smiley

find it in the gallery here

Great layout Meg. Sometimes things get a little confused with the time zone change (I'm ahead of everyone in the US, at least right now). But it looks good in this challenge too!

smiley thanks Marisa! I think I'm going to change it though - I don't like the way the color changes turned out on your "Destination" tag - I was hoping to avoid introducing another color in this layout, but I love that tag... but it's bugging me the way it is... hahahaha smiley Hope your travels are going well!

Tunisia Kit
Picnic Lunch with Mum in Sydney last year.

find it in the gallery here


My dog's birthday is this month, so I decided to use her with the birthday bundle kit.

p.s. I love the sydney layout!

find it in the gallery here

Awesome layouts Cintia, Meg, Debra, Andene & Jess!

Cintia, Meg, Debra and Jess: I edited your post to include a link to your layout in the gallery so that other forum members can find them more easily to leave smiley and comments! Please try to remember to do this in the future when entering layouts for challenges.

Andene: I couldn't find your layout in the gallery. Getting gallery access is simple, easy and painless smiley just go here to apply for gallery access. You should gain access with in a day. This link has a great tutorial on how to upload your layouts once you have access.

oh thanks. oops.

Used the birthday kit for this layout. Scraplifted Janet's layout.

Used the birthday kit again, for this one of Beatrice's 4 birthday parties this year. In my gallery here

Great layouts everyone! So fun to see! I just added the Dad Bundle and the new Challenged Bundle.

When you are doing the kit challenge and like the big bundle to work with. Do I have to take the whole bundle or can I pick from the bundle just the kits that I want? Since the bundle is more than I have in download credits?

@Judy: The layout just has to "represent" the bundle well, so whatever kits you need to get that done is fine.

With the Challenged kit....

In my gallery here

Thanks Marisa, i will have to enter then. I have spent my credits for today. But,t
his sounds like so much fun.

I made use of the "Dad" kit for this layout:

I also made this layout using the Birthday bundle:


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