May Element A Day: Week 1

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Day 2 - Flower

Here are my flowers:

My frames:

Here are my first elements for this challenge.

My flower:

This month I`m trying to follow this great challenge
Day 1

Download here

Day 2

Download here & here

Here are mine so far (and already out of order;) )

@Lorien, i feel your pain!! i just bought my first tablet and am terrible!! smiley oh my goodness i've been laughing with my daughters over my efforts as i realize this might take awhile!! so i'm using templates for now! good luck and don't give up!!

@Marisa and @Chickie - beautiful work and love your colors!!

Here is mine for the flowers. smiley

Looking good, everyone! Wow!

I will not be joining you for this elements challenge - I don't really use them since I mostly do Project Life layouts, and I really need to get back to the rest of my life (school ends in a week and I have four papers to write - eek!). But I wanted to let you know I will still check in here and be cheering you on! I am thrilled to see what you all come up with.

@Bianca: I adore the color palette you chose, definitely something I would scrap with. Nice work on your first design!

@Harriet: I really like both the metal style and the unusual shape of your brackets.

@Lorien: That Field Guide is hilarious and wonderful.

@Sheila: I love that look that you used on your brackets. It has an old-time printer feel.

@Marisa: I am enjoying all the touches of glitter on your elements. I like how you use glitter, lots of good inspiration there.

@Meridy: LOVE your colors, will you be sharing your kit when it's done?

Here is mine. I am working with a palette pulled from the colors of my daughter's "blankie," which I knitted. Knit? What is the proper way to say that? LOL Anyway, I wanted this to look handcrafted, I don't know if I succeeded. I think it is ugly, but in a lovable homemade sort of way...

Thanks so much Bianca!

Here are some flowers...... couldn't decide on just one.

Thank you Cynthia!

I think it's a cool flower. What a sweet idea to make it like her blankie.

Here's mine.

@Heather, I think your flower is quite lovely! Its so sweet to make it after your daughters blankie!

Day 3 - Frame

Working ahead to cover this weekend
The black background on the ribbon is just for the preview, so it will show up. I started with a paper lace ribbon from Gunhilde Storeide who no longer has a website of freebies.

Day 2_Flower

My frame:

My tag:

Day/Element 3

Download here & here

My Frames

My Tags

Day/Element 4

Download here

Here are my tags:

Love everybody's work.

@Elizabeth Ooh, art deco! Havent seen something like that in a while.

Nice work all. Constantly impressed with the talent displayed here.

Okay I kind of read tags as note cards....I'm a little spacey sometimes. But here they are.

Day/Element 5

Download here & here

The preview for now.... it`s getting already a kit...


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