May Element A Day: Week 2

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OH my gosh! I love, love, love them! Want them!!!! xoxox Beth

Day 8 - Corner

@marisa: I'd love to learn how to make that beautiful metal! smiley

This has been so much fun! Learning so much!!!

Love the coffee theme you have going on Megan.

Journal Card Have a great weekend everyone.

Day 8 Border

What is a photo mask? I tried to google before asking but all I see are actual photos of people with masks.

EDIT: (I don't know how to delete a reply)
Nevermind.. I knew exactly what they are after searching PS for it. I haven't made one in a really really long time. I used to make them in an old version of PSP but I never use brushes in X4 so I'll have to find some to download because all I have are the standard ones that came with the program.

I have never made a photomask, so I was not sure I did it right, but I had fun trying:)
Here is my border, glitter, tape, journal matte, and photo mask.

@ Cynthia - Thank you... I am creating a kit specially for my website (caffeine fueled momma.) I am a bit of a coffee addict smiley

Here are my metal elements for the 10th. I had a lot of fun making these!


Ok Ok Ok.. slacker Renee here.. with my week one entry. lol

Bigger, Clearer: HERE

My Metal elements... Thank you Brooke for the mug template!

Man! Striped tape is hard! Especially if it's supposed to be wrinkled. Still not perfect but I'm getting cross-eyed so this will have to do for my first effort. Next time I think I'll just scan some striped tape.

(later) I did a little more editing this morning.

Ok and for week 2. I will be posting a few of my faves on their own too.

Bigger, Clearer Version: HERE

Here is my glitter for the 11th.


First part of my week 2 elements. No one said what kind of "tape". smiley

Looking amazing everyone! I'll be back later with my glitter

Someone was interested in the metal I used for flowers. It's an action that I bought online, however that store is no longer open so I can't really help you out. Sorry!

Here's my glitter for today:

Here is my week 2 elements:

Each day you make me more admired with your skills and feeling more like a little padawan...

Photo mask starting with a couple of brushes from HG designs


And this one from scratch

Journal cards. Shadows are for the preview only.

Masks and journal cards:

Here is my Tape for the 12th:


Day 10 Metal


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