May Element A Day: Week 2

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Day 11 Glitter

Here's my tape for today:

Day 12 Tape

I finally finished week two, here are the previews

corners (dark background only for preview)




journal cards



Here is my photo mask for the 13th.


My Journal Tags / Cards for the 14th:


Here's my photo mask for today:

@Marisa, I love that photo mask!

Day 13 Photomask

Well, a few days late, but I wanted to tweak it a bit, so here are my metals

I am considering making the rivets a little larger before making the kit available, they seem so small, though within the acceptable range.

I also couldn't decide which style I liked best for my star clips, so my husband said to add them both, so I did.

These are my elements for the week.

Here's an example of my photo mask in use.

@Lou Anne: You want to use this "direct" link and paste that into the image spot here

Here's my journal cards for today:

Day 14 Journal Card

I LOVE your photo masks ladies! I want them all smiley

Marisa, that's what I tried to do but for some reason it wouldn't post. I finally tried it on my blog, made sure the link worked, then planned to come back today and fix it. I figured it was a glitch somewhere. I just tried it again and it won't post here for me. AARGH!

When I click on the image link box I get a view of about half of it. I paste in the code and it disappears.

Update: I tried a different browser and Voila! Thank you Google Chrome.

Lou Anne, that happened to me until I realized that I had my page too magnified. My eyes are not too good. lol When I put the page back to default size, everything worked.

Thank you Emerald. I'll try that. I was able to do it with Google Chrome as my browser but not Firefox.

I am running a little behind, busy week with the kids' banquets, concerts, etc.

The tapes were fun, I used the burn and dodge tools for the first time smiley


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